10 Reasons to use a Flash Drive

From ordinary computer users to students to executives, USB flash drive are often found on their desk, on their pockets and even hanging around their neck together with their ID. The popularity of diskettes and CD’s as a data storage medium are now gone. Here are the reasons why I use  flash drives and why you should also use it. I use Flash drive to backup some of my data. Ways to backup your Data.

1. Compact

Flash drives are also known as thumb drive  because are literally have the same size of an average human thumb. With it’s small size you can easilly carry it with you either in your pocket, on your keychain, or even around your neck. The newest devices are even smaller and thinner, about the size of a coin.

2. Stylish

USB Flash Drive comes in different colors and forms. There are variety of styles that you can choose depending on your taste. If you are the professional type you can opt to choose plane white, black or silver color. If you are the trendy type there are lots of flash drives that comes in different shapes, sizes and has very colorful combinations that will stand out among the rest.

3. Flexible

Because of their high capacity, you can just load any kinds of files. This makes it suitable for backing up your important data.

4. Modern

Although USB flash drives have been around for a couple of years, Having one for yourself gives you the sense that you are updated with the current trend in technology.

5. Versatile

All modern desktops and laptops have USB ports so you will not have a problem of where you will use your flash drive, you just have to plug the drive and you can immediately use it. Some devices today have a USB port where it can read music or video from your flash drive.

6. Inexpensive

USB Flash drives are becoming more affordable this days.  No matter how much budget you have you can always find an affordable flash drive for you. You can get a 2gb capacity flash drive for as low as PhP 300.00 ($6.50). Thats how affordable Flash drive nowadays.

7. Speedy

Speed transfer of flash drives are are considerably faster than floppy disks and CD.  With USB 3.0 technology on the horizon, these will only become faster as they evolve.

8. Sturdy

Flash drives are much more tougher and can last longer unlike you ordinary compact disks.

9. Simple

Copying files to a CD requires a CD burning device and you must know the burning procedure, which can be a bit of hassle especially for people on the rush and can be  pain for novice users. Flash drives keep the transfers simple through plug and play as long as your operating system is not windows 98 or below which requires a driver before you can use your flash drive.

10. Accessible

Finding a flash drive is very easy, you can find it in just about any computer store or even online. Just in case you need a new flash drive or need a extra storage medium you cna easily get it anytime.