3 Reasons Why you should Choose Laptop over Desktop

portable-laptop1When decided to buy a computer, You only have two options: You can either get a regular desktop or you can opt to choose a laptop.

Desktop PC’s, because of it’s size can accommodate more components. Normally, desktop machines are always pack with more computing power than notebook computers. In addition laptops do not come cheaply. These mini computers are geared with specially designed parts and are small enough to fit in the limited laptop casing.

Although desktops are more preferred by most people there are certain qualities that makes laptops more appealing than Desktop computers. Here are some great advantages of laptop over desktop.


Obviously this is the most prominent advantage of notebook computers over desktop computers. Laptops are very light and easy to carry. Laptops can be hand carried during trips without weighing down it’s carrier. You can literally bring it wherever you go and it gives you the ability to roam around and look for the best wireless hotspots.


Desktops together with it’s peripherals such as keyboard, mouse monitor and speakers eats a lot of space no matter how spacious your desk are. If you are staying on a local dormitory, small apartment, or in a place where space is very limited, you will definitely appreciate on the extra room that your will laptop will free up on your desk. Another thing is laptops keeps your desk neat and clutter free, it removes all the hassle of all the wiring that comes with desktop computers.

Energy Saving

Desktops have many parts that requires a separate power sources, like the monitor, speakers, router etc. you will need a separate electrical outlets for them to function. With laptops, all yo need to do is just plug in the AC adaptor to supply power to the whole unit. One thing that is so great and really a energy saver is that you can run your laptop on batteries. Some available laptops today can run up to 8 hours on batteries. The logic to this is that unlike desktops ,laptops has fewer components so it requires less energy to function normally. This will help you cut down your electric bill consumption and also help you save money in the long run and those savings will make up for the hefty price tag of your laptop.