3 Things To Consider When Buying Refurbished Laptop

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When you decide to buy a refurbished laptop, either because you want to save some bucks or you don’t have enough budget, there are things you have to consider to ensure that your money isn’t going to waste.

If you are eyeing for a certain brand or model of laptop, do some research about the product. Try to know the strength and weakness of the product as well as what to expect with the performance. Remember that you are buying refurbished item, so you must be wise and finicky, but do not set your expectations too high. A minor scratch won’t hurt at all. Also it will also help you save time, if you will research about the possible upgrades for the unit like adding memory to speed up or upgrading to larger hard drive. Check for the product review and comments from the owners who already bought and used the same model.

Check Your Source
Only choose to buy from reputable sources. Even though it may be a lot cheaper from some stores, it is still money we’re talking here. Check for possible warranty offer for the product. If they are selling the items too low and wont be giving any service warranty for the hardware for a week perhaps month, then grab your bag and head out. It’s not worth a penny. Most stores offer a week or a month of warranty for the hardware. Although, batteries, lcd screen and software are usually not be included.

Check Your Item
You won’t be charge for asking. Ask everything you want to know about the item you are buying including the parts being broken and replaced, parts that are working but have defects, and the problems they see with the unit just before you buy the units. Most stores won’t tell you anything as much as possible to avoid turning you off, but if you let them see that you are aware of what to expect and just want to know, they’ll give in. Carefully check the unit for visible sign of defects and see if it will affect the performance. Also, before paying, check if the laptop– is working in perfect condition like the headset — USB port, camera, CD/DVD Rom, speakers and mic. Don’t hesitate to ask any problems you see and encounter, and see to it that your concerns are answered.