4 Computer Personalization Tips That You Probably Do Not Know

windows personalizationAlmost every computer user out there knows a thing or two about computer personalization. There are so many ways to personalize one’s computer. Probably the most popular way to personalize a computer is to change the desktop background. Any person can change the default computer background to a landscape wallpaper if he wants to. Another way to personalize the computer is to select a good screensaver. But aside from selecting a desktop background and a cool screensaver, are there still other ways to personalize a computer? Fortunately, there are. Listed below are some of those ways.

The sound scheme could be changed

One of the coolest things that a person could do with his PC is to modify the sound scheme. Yes, the default sounds like the click sound, the error sound, the start-up tone, the shut down tone, and other sounds could be modified. Newer operation systems offer a range of sound schemes. But if in case other sets of sound schemes are unavailable, one can always surf online for sound schemes.

A slideshow of photos could be your screensaver

Most people think that they could only select from the default list of screensavers. What they do not know is that a slideshow of all the pictures in their computer could be their own screensaver. Yes, all pictures. But of course, the computer user has the freedom to select the particular photos that he wants to be shown on the screensaver slideshow. Computer users should be warned because slideshow screensavers consume a lot of battery. They should not use a screensaver much more a slideshow screensaver if they are trying to conserve battery.

You could download a virtual desktop background

When people think of a desktop background, they usually think of a still picture that is used as wallpaper. But virtual desktop backgrounds are available these days. These virtual desktop backgrounds are far from the ordinary desktop wallpapers. This is because these desktop backgrounds are animated.

You could remove the desktop icons with a few clicks

The desktop is the place where icons are stored for easy access to the various computer programs installed. But experts believe that clearing the desktop from icons can help improve the performance of the computer. Anyone who wants to enjoy a significant change in the speed of his computer can easily hid his desktop icons by right clicking on the desktop and then selecting the “hide desktop icons” option.