5 Signs to Know That You are a Computer Addict

Are you also one those those people that can’t live without their computer? do you rely everything on your computer? have you tried to do everything you had to do using computer?. I consider my self one of them. My computer was on every minute, I always checked my mails as often as possible, I tried to do everything on my computer, manage my schedules, strategy planning, simulate my life, use it as a alarm clock,  play games, watch movies name it I have tried it. Computer helps me a lot aside from it brings me cash, computer helps me avoid mistakes on work, save a lot of time and got more productive, and of course brings entertainment. Eventhough I’m addicted to computer I still balance my life, I do not work all day, I make sure that I still have time for my self and my family. Below are the 5 indicators you should check to know if you are already addicted to computer.

1. You have your computer always with you. (I sleep beside it)

2. You check emails before sleeping and soon after awaking (That is the first thing that I do when I wakeup and before I sleep)

3. You have your email software set to check emails every minute (I set my mail client to check and automatically download mails every 1 minute)

4. You check every new software that is out there – even if you are sure you never will need it. ( I don’t know why I do this :D)

5. You try to do every task you have to do with your computer. (I always assume that my computer can do everything… even planning a meal)

There you go… if you have those signs then you are certified computer addict.