5 Top iPhone Accessories That Add To The Value Of Your Handset

iphone 5 hard case This is a century where you wake up to a new invention and the communication industry is an example of a sector where technology has picked up greatly. Mobile phones are now the taste of many. The first phones to be produced were big in size and heavy to carry around. They had simple programs you could only use for calling and sending messages.

Twenty years down the line, the ones in the market bring about a whole new experience. They are not only used to call or text, you can also use them to access the internet, listen to music and take quality pictures among other things. There are many versions of iPhone gadgets including the iPhone 5 and a good thing about them is that they are not just phones but mini computers. Most iPhone products include the following features include:

  • A display screen that is large enough
  • Latest wireless technology
  • An aluminum body
  • An iSight camera of about 8 mega pixels

For those who own these phones, you ought to take good care of them to make them more enjoyable. Extra programs and accessories have been developed for these phones to ensure that you have a wonderful experience. Five of them include:

  • Cases for iPhone 5 – The phone is prone to scratches due to its metal back design. To prevent this, leather cases and hard cases for iPhone 5 have been produced for the ultimate purpose of protection.
  • Standalone charging dock – It is used for charging the phone in a standalone position. The dock holds the phone in position making it very secure.
  • The jawbone jam box – If you listen to a lot of music, then you should consider having one. It is a wireless speaker that is portable with an impressive quality of sound. It can also be used as a speaker phone.
  • Touch screen sensitive gloves – Are made for those living in areas where winter is part of the climate cycle. During the cold season, you put on these gloves not only for warmth, but also for operating your iPhone 5 phone without complexity. They are designed to work with the touch screen technology.
  • Universal car mount holder – It caters for drivers. It has a sticky suction that allows you to fit the phone where you prefer in the car. Also, it is adjustable allowing you to put the phone in any angle you require and it is also very secure as it locks the phone in position. The phone can also be charged while placed in it.