8mm Vintage Camera – App Review and a Story behind it

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8mm Vintage Camera appYou may have heard that part of the Oscar-nominated small “Searching for Sugar Man” was shot on a smart phone, but do you know the full story?

What we didn’t hear about was the story of why it got shot on a Smartphone –

The films production company filmed almost all of the film in an 8mm format but got strapped for cash at the end of the production, so they had to use the Directors iPhone and a cheap Gorilla stand to film the rest of it.

The app used to film the small film was 8mm Vintage Camera

Just like apps that apply filters to images, 8mm Vintage Camera enables you to mix different contacts with different films with certain amounts of simulated dust, particles and various other old/classic style film overlays.

The app goes even further, allowing you to add random stutters and other vintage film effects such as chroma keys and jitters as if the film was being played on an old style cinema projector.

The app is extremely enticing for the following number of reasons

1) Extremely cheap at only $1.99 for the entire app, including framework and all the effects (You don’t have to buy extra effects like various other apps, i won’t be mentioning any names)

2) Has a reputation of excellence behind it, every review is 5 stars with a comment associating the app with excellence, the story of an oscar award winning film using it and a number of High scoring Critic reviews.

3) The amount of features and modules allows it to produce quality film from an inexpensive view point and pretty much anywhere you want to go, you can carry all your equipment with you – As all you need is a smartphone..

About the author: Charles Floate of Android Blog – I hope you enjoyed this App review and it’s especially sweet as the App has a story behind it!