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Why Desktop Is Better Than Laptop

desktop better than laptop

Desktop is better than laptop. Do you agree? If you’ve been reading my blog, most probably you have read my article 3 Reasons why you should choose laptop over desktop. To be fair, in this post I will tell you reasons why desktop is better than laptop. Why desktop is better than laptop? It will always be the question especially if ... Read More »

How to Increase the Battery Life of your Laptop

Just recently I’ve given 3 good reason why you should choose a laptop over a desktop. I also state that one of the biggest advantage over desktop is the ability to save energy but how can you save energy if your laptop remains a slave to your wall outlet because it cannot last longer than an hour? here are several ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why you should Choose Laptop over Desktop

When decided to buy a computer, You only have two options: You can either get a regular desktop or you can opt to choose a laptop. Desktop PC’s, because of it’s size can accommodate more components. Normally, desktop machines are always pack with more computing power than notebook computers. In addition laptops do not come cheaply. These mini computers are ... Read More »

Computer Terms and Meanings

I compiled this computer terms from a forum. This will help users out there to be versed and differentiate the different computer terms. If you know any computer terms that is  not on this list feel free to add it up. A Add-On: Add-On refers to a browser extension they are basically like a small program or feature addition to ... Read More »