A Free Tool to Remotely Control your Friend’s Desktop

Giving online assistance is very difficult especially when you don’t see the exact problem is, It’s difficult because you are just relying on what your partner describes and most of the time they can’t explain it clearly. The only solution I think to solve the problem is for me to go to their place and fix it personally but how can I possibly do it if we were oceans apart. Fortunately I found a tool that made it possible for me to fix the problem without swimming miles of ocean just to get to their place and fix the computer. This free remote software is TeamViewer.


TeamViewer is a free tool to remotely access and control any computers so you can provide online assistance or to just show your screen to your customers or friends.

This software is very to setup and use even a novice computer user can setup and use this remote software tool. You also don’t have to worry about firewalls, IP addresses and NAT because teamviewer will  find a route to your partner. Most of all this software is very secured because the password always change every time you run the program.

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