A Guide to Maintaining Your Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 SlimThe Xbox 360 is an incredible gaming console available in the market at present. However, a major flaw in this device is that it gets overheated very quickly. Hence most people will want to maintain it properly to avoid any additional expenditures that an owner may incur to tackle this

Some practical tips to maintaining the Xbox 360 are given below:

Location and ventilation

Ventilation is of utmost importance to the Xbox 360 as it gets so overheated that it is known to have melted the motherboard. Place the Xbox 360 in an open area with proper ventilation as placing it in cramped areas or in an enclosed entertainment unit will produce excessive heat.

Keep it away from other electrical appliances, including the LCD. Use television stands that have vents on the sides and back to allow the heat from the system to disperse. Also keep the door of the console open when the game is on.


Place the Xbox 360 on a hard solid surface like wood that can easily be cleaned. Soft surfaces like couches, beds, carpets, etc. will not let the Xbox 360 breathe properly and will also absorb lint and dust which in turn will block the ventilation. A hard surface can also absorb heat in a better way.

Maintaining the power supply box

The power supply is a rectangular box placed between the console and the electrical vent, this also needs to be ventilated properly. Unplug the power supply from the electrical vent when one is not using the Xbox 360 console. Also make sure that the power supply is out of the way. Keep it away from carpeted areas to reduce surrounding heat.

Positioning the console vertically or horizontally?

Though placing the Xbox 360 vertically uncovers the vent on the underside of the console and lets the machine breathe better, this position has the risk of the console getting knocked over accidentally. In the horizontal position, though the 360 is unlikely to be knocked over accidentally the air vents get blocked and hence the console gets lesser air circulation.

So the optimal position for the Xbox 360’s position is to place four rubber rings at the bottom side and place it in a horizontal position. The rubber rings will provide some space on the lower surface thus ensuring good air circulation, while retaining the safest positioning for the Xbox 360.

Vacuum the air vents regularly

This will remove any dust build-up in the air vents of the Xbox 360. Avoid wiping the blocked vent with a cloth as it will push the dust and lint more into the console.

Twisting leads

All the leads from the back of the Xbox 360 should be kept uncluttered as twisting and constant pulling of the leads causes failure of the HD switches or AV leads as they get easily damaged. Make use of a cable tie to securely bind all the cords and leads together.

Removing the Hard Drive

See to it that you handle the hard drive gently and without force.

Cleaning the controller buttons

Before you begin the cleaning process, you should unplug the controller box and blow hard on the trigger, controller buttons and pad. To remove any fine dust or stains use a toothpick and gently scratch out the grime and then clean the controller with a moist lint free cloth. Before re-plugging the battery pack into the 360, let the controller buttons dry completely.

Do not place game cases or similar stuff on top of the Xbox 360 as it can reflect the heat back into the system and create more problems in the system.

Do not use compressed air to blow out the dust as compressed air will just blow the dust into the system and thus create a new setback. Instead, use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt out. Cleaning in approximately every six months can save you a lot of headache later on.

In spite of following all the precautions above, if something does go wrong, the Xbox 360 gives error messages. Check the power cables, the AV cables, make sure that that they are properly ventilated, ensure that there are no electronic or electrical devices on top of the Xbox 360.
Following these basic and simple measures will help maintain your console and run smoothly.

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