A Tool to Easily Manage Your Desktop Items

In my opinion and I think the majority of computer users will agree that the Windows desktop is one of the most visited and used place when you are using a windows based computer. Most applications that I frequently opens are located on my desktop even downloaded files are fighting for space on my desktop. If you place lots of items and if like me also use desktop as a drop zone for downloaded files, it can become crowded and for sure it will be annoying to search some stuff. I have found a Free, small but very effective tool to easily manage your desktop items. BBox is a highly flexible desktop management software for Windows, it is a freeware app to organize your desktop files. You can also use this tool to manage weblinks.

BBox also comes with different skins. With BBox, You can create groups and catalogs to group your files and icons. You can also drag and drop desktop shortcuts to the management area, and can also choose to keep the icon on the desktop, the software provides a useful grouping function for quick access either automatically or manually.

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