ActiveX Control Errors

The above problem can a little hazy to most people. This can be attributed partly to the name among other factors. It can be said to be caused directly by problems arising from object oriented programming. This kind of programming is rather interesting in the way that it works. A procedure is seized up and divided into several basic steps which are further encapsulated into applets which are programming objects. Programs that happen to be written in a similar language to the above steps can then be able to access the functionality of the sub procedures that have been encapsulated into the applets. This can be aptly described through the use of a printer. Various programs may instruct the printer to print out some documents. In printing, the printer has to take into consideration factors such as font color, the font as well as the page layout. ActiveX control errors occur in such a scenario when the drivers or dynamic link libraries of the printer are for some reasons not available.

In the above instance, the chief reason behind the occurrence of the control problems is the unavailability of the function files that the printer needs in order to operate smoothly. There are other instances when the same problems arise as a result of incompatibility between the operating system and the applets. A good example of such a scenario is when you try to run .net programs which are tailor made for computers with the 2.2 framework on a computer with the 1.1 framework. There are other applets which are malicious in nature as they will tend to create viruses, Trojans and other types of malware. The source of these applets is the internet where the user might unknowingly download them from websites that have intent of extracting information from the user’s computer for malicious use through hacking.

ActiveX controls and their applications have a lot of dangers as well conveniences. Ensuring that all these programs do not run in your system will see you forego some extremely useful features that are on offer by your browser. Browsers are not the only internet features that use activeX. There are games that are very popular with users of the internet that also utilize these controls. Some of them are even active objects.

The principal way that malicious software is able to penetrate your system is through downloading sessions of files from the internet. It is therefore important to be cautious whenever you are downloading stuff from the internet. A computer that has these problems is usually much slower than is the norm. Make sure you have a registry cleaner to closely monitor your PC.