Add some Colors and Themes to your Windows Folders using Folderico

foldericoGetting tired on the usual yellow and dull look of your windows folders? why not add some life to your boring and lifeless folders. I present to you Folderico folder icon changer by Shedko Software.

Folderico is a nice free tool that will allow you to easily change the look of your folder either by context menu or through dialog screen. Folderico is very convenient and easy to easy with just a few mouse clicks you will give your folders a more exciting look.


Another thing that I personally like about this tool is the themes available. There are lots of cool themes  that you add to your themes library. To use your desired theme, just download theme, extract and move the ICL files into SAMPLES subfolder where you installed folderico.


Download Folderico
From Shedko Googlepages
From Betanews
From Rapidshare