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Don’t be a victim! – How to avoid being Phished

Nowadays, internet technology made it to the point that it is easily accessible by everyone. I myself access some of my important accounts through internet… like banking, paying bills, communication with my loved ones here and abroad. Though generally, it made our lives easy and account accessible anywhere, we can’t deny that thieves, hackers and criminals found another way to ... Read More »

How to track how much time you spend online with Firefox

How much time do you spend browsing on the internet, reading news, reading and sending mails, stumbling websites? Do you want to keep track on how much you spend browsing the internet using firefox? here is a Firefox extension that will help you do that. I introduce to you Timetracker. Timetracker is a Firefox extension that will allow you to ... Read More »

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Live Stream

To all boxing and Pacquiao and Hatton fans you can watch their most awaited fight live here. Manny is the hero of the Filipino, a record breaking ZERO crime rate in the Philippines whenever he has a match. The time here in the Philippines will once again stop to support our national pride. Go Pacman! Alternate link 1 Alternate link ... Read More »

How to Remove Worm MyMP3.vbs

MyMP3.vbs is a worm that spreads itself through USB devices. This worm usually infects Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003 machines. So I guess Vista machines are safe from this infection. This virus creates a folder icon named MyMP3.vbs. This worm sets itself to your autorun files so that it can spread easily. Unfortunately some antiviruses can’t remove ... Read More »

How to Hide Files using Image

Do you wonder how you can easily hide your files without using any softwares that no one will be able to detect it? This is not your ordinary “invisible trick”. This trick will hide your file inside a image. Impossible?… follow this simple procedure to know how. Requirements: Winrar program and a computer 😀 1.  First, compress your files using ... Read More »

How to Backup your Cookies

I really love cookies! I don’t want to go to a website, sign in and type my username and password by myself. Hey, who wants to do that all the time when you have your precious cookie to do it for you. Yesterday, I explain what is a computer cookie and why do we need those cookie. This time I ... Read More »

What is a Cookie and Why do we need them?

What is a cookie? We usually thought it as some kind of a biscuit, but in computer world it has a meaning that is completely different. Cookies are text of information that are stored on your computer by the websites you visited. Cookie information contains an ID tag that will be use to recognize you when you return to the ... Read More »

How to Disable or Enable Your Task Manager

Disabling your Task Manager is sometimes necessary, especially if you are sharing your computer to other people or running a computer rental business. This will prevent any unnecessary changes on your system that can possibly harm your computer. There are two ways to disable or enable your task manager. One is by using the Group Policy Editor and second is ... Read More »

Planning to buy used computer?

I myself is a member of different auction sites. Instead of buying brand new, I also consider buying second hand products, which is much cheaper than brand new. And one thing more, after a couple of months, new edition will be out in the market and for sure today’s edition priced will be reduce by half. Beating the latest is ... Read More »

Computer Terms and Meanings

I compiled this computer terms from a forum. This will help users out there to be versed and differentiate the different computer terms. If you know any computer terms that is  not on this list feel free to add it up. A Add-On: Add-On refers to a browser extension they are basically like a small program or feature addition to ... Read More »