Awesome New Change in Windows 8

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WINDOWS 8, latest Windows by Microsoft


Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. But somehow for the last couple of months, people don’t seem to be talking about it they are mostly talking about mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. However Windows still accounts for over 65% market share when you compare it to other operating systems as Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

With Windows 8 being released just recently, Microsoft has really modified this thing from ground up. And it has been getting a lot of mixed reviews. Some people love it, some hate it. But the main reason for disliking is mostly the ‘change’, people don’t like change at first, its basic human nature, but of course with time they do eventually get adapted to it.But make no mistake, Windows is here to stay and Microsoft has created a great product yet again.

The biggest change in Windows 8 is the complete modern UI. Apart from the usual desktop like in Windows 7. Windows 8 comes with a new and fresh Start Menu, where you can categorize you applications place it accordingly. For example you can set categories as Home, Multimedia, Social, Shopping, etc. and place the suiting apps under them. This is very helpful as in Windows 7 you had to find your application in a cluster of un-organized list, but not in Windows 8 thanks to the new UI.

In addition to the awesome new UI, Windows 8 offers a whole lot of new and useful applications that came with it and has hundreds more on its online store which can easily be downloaded when needed. While you have to pay for most applications, many of them are free to download by courtesy of Microsoft.

The desktop is the same as that in Windows 7, which is good because people are used to that and they prefer this layout for their daily small usage. The Explorer is also pretty much the same as before except for a few changes that makes it look like Microsoft Word. These changes are good as they increase the efficiency of our overall work making Windows 8 more credible.

Windows 8 is also touch compatible and is ready for tablets and mobiles. And the good part is that the layout and the UI is same no matter what the device is. This really helps in getting along with the system and enhances efficiency as you will be having the same experience and you won’t get confused while shifting from PC to tablet.

Nowadays, newer generation of laptops are available with touch compatibility. This is the perfect sort of machine for operating systems like Windows 8 because as we know Windows 8 offer both touch and type options. This radically enhances the operating experience and till date you cannot get any better experience than this.

About the author: Syed Qasim is writing for AmeriCord. Americord is an industry leading manufacturer of all your power cord needs. We pride ourselves in our quality and selection of power cords and bulk cable.