Backup Files Online – Seven Crucial Things To Look Out For

backup files onlineIf you are looking for companies that offer backup option for your files online, here are some tips to consider:

1. Space

The amount of storage space they offer is something you should know. There are some companies offering unlimited space while others will charge you if you go beyond the limits. Some offers are good for several computers while others are just for one. It is important that you know especially if you are planning to grow your business.

2. Compatibility And Complexity Level

I believe all users are looking for something that they find easy to navigate, use and understand. You must look for a service that is compatible to your computer and OS, and has software that is easy to use and configure. Look for a service that allows you to configure the files and schedule of backing up the files as well as will run smoothly and won’t interfere with your other computer activities, enable you to restore files wherever you are. The best service is the service that offers web interface and doesn’t require you to install any software locally.

3. Features

Important features that includes:

a. Automatic backups – allows you to set and schedule back up then it will do the rest

b. Incremental backups – the system only performs backing up files that recently change since the last backup

c. Archiving – system keeps several historical copy of files saved so when you delete data, you can recover the earlier version.

d. File Manager– allows you to view and manage the file easily.

e. Mobility option– allows you to install applications on your mobile phone where you can do back up and restoration.

4. High Level Security

you must ensure that your files are safe and secure. You must verify the numbers and location of their data centers and where your data is saved. You must inquire of the security of your files if any disaster hits the place where your files are saved. Do they use high level of data encryption and how tough their protection against theft?

5. Support and Assistance

Is their customer support available 24/7? Do they have phone, email or chat support? Verify the amount of assistance you can get just in case you cannot restore your data. Can they ship your files to you through other medium like DVD if you can no longer restore your data?

6. Reliability

If you are storing your very important files to these companies, make sure that above all, you are choosing a reliable and stable company. See their credentials through website like BBB or by searching for reviews and feedback by other users.

7. Option

Study and verify your protection. Do they offer refunds if you are not satisfied with the service within a certain period of time?