Backup solution – How to change the location of My Documents folder

Take it from me loosing your important files such as your saved documents, pictures, and other data could be the worst thing that could happen to your computer life. Way back in college I experienced loosing all my saved documents that includes my projects that has to be passed two days after the tragedy, I don’t have a backup so it was really a nightmare for me. I’ve learned my lesson prevention is really better than cure so I constantly make a backup of all my important files.

Just almost three weeks ago all my files on my laptop got deleted I mean ALL files due to some virus attacks. Fortunately I have a backup and also found a way to recover all my files even if my hard drive partition are damaged and have been formatted.

Back in October I wrote an article on the different backup technologies that can provide you convenient and reliable backup. Backup technologies.

Hard drive is one of the great backup solution for your files. But what if you don’t have a separate hard drive for your backup? the solution is easy just create a partition of your hard drive, your computer will treat it as separate hard drive so you can place your backup files on your second hard drive.

My Documents is the most popular folder where computer users save all their files such as documents, pictures, videos, mp3, e-books, and also saved game files. It will be inconvenient to save files on your My  Documents folder and then place a copy of it on your second hard drive or partition. The solution for this is to change the location of your My Documents folder to your second hard drive or partition. How to make it possible? follow the steps below.

Follow these steps to change the location of My Documents folder

1. Right Click My Documents then Select Properties

2. Change the target location from the default drive to the drive letter of your second disk or partition.

As you can see from the image below I change the target location of My Documents folder from C: to my second partition which is D:. This will automatically save all my files on drive D: and whatever happens to my primary partition my files are safe and I can reformat it anytime without thinking about my files. This will also work on Vista.