Benefits of Choosing a Free Hosting Company

free webhostWhen you first thing of web hosting you probably start to cringe at the thought of a monthly cost just so you can have a web site or blog of your own. Many of us feel the same way, but there is a much better solution out there for the average web site user.

Instead of having to pay for your own web site and hosting, you can join a free hosting provider!

No, these solutions aren’t garbage services that will crash your site… they are actually multi million dollar companies that have some of the best hosting in the world!

Two of the top companies in the free hosting niche are Wix and Weebly. Between these two sites they host over 30 million customer pages! To view a list of the top free web hosting companies you can click here.

There are many benefits to choose a free hosting solution over other paid hosting from services like HostGator, 1&1 or BlueHost. Even though these guys charge only around $10 a month for hosting, you can get most of the same services for free from other complimentary hosting services.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits from using sites like Wix and Weebly to create your own site at no cost.

Create New & Attractive Sites Fast!

Through the site builders and templates that free hosting providers set you up with, you can create some really amazing sites with little to no knowledge of how to design, code or even upload content. This is what attracts the majority of new customers to free hosting providers.

Advanced HTML5 Technology

As the rest of the internet world progresses with changing technology and web coding, so do these hosting providers. The good news is that they do all of the updating for you and you won’t even realize or see any down time in the process. If you wanted to do this with your own custom sites, you would have to pay a programmer and designer to make these changes for you.

Upgrade at Any Time

Sometimes you might feel like you are limited with your site because you are with a free hosting provider, but that really isn’t the case. Almost all of the free hosting sites out there are offering users upgrades which allows you to add a custom design, domain name, more web hosting and even ecommerce to your sites at any given time. The pricing is usually fairly competitive as well.

For these reasons and many more, choosing a free hosting company of paid hosting might be in your best interest. Be sure to check out the top companies out there and see which look best for you and your site goals.