Best 7 Apps for Android Devices

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The development of apps has made it possible for handsets to be multi functional and versatile. The growing popularity of Android phones in recent times has made it possible for consumers to experience a range of utilities from their handsets. There are several cool apps that are available in the market and here is a look at what we felt is the best 7 apps for your Android device.

Google Shopper

This is a useful app that can save you a lot of money while you’re about to purchase some products. You can scan the bar code of the product, which will then help you find better prices at shops closer to you. At many points, this app has been helpful in making good deals for people when they are about to buy any kind of goods.


It is one of the best apps you can lay your hands on for reading e-books on your device. The interface of this app is smooth and easy to use. You can also access Amazon Kindle store through this app. There are other neat features in this app like effortless page turning, tuning fonts to suit your preference and adjusting the level of brightness while reading.


It is another cool app for accessing Wikipedia. You can search for information easily using this app and bookmark pages for later references.


It is a very cool app to have on your phone. Through this app, you can create many effects on your phone. It also has the facility to share those images on social networking sites. The app also comes with effects like filters, which can be used to enhance the look of your photographs.

Google SkyMap

With this app you can just focus your device at the night sky and it will give you information about constellations, stars and other celestial bodies.

Talk to Me

This app can be used for translation of other languages. It has a voice recognition feature and also a text column where you can put in a text that requires translation. The app is simple to use and can come in real handy when you are visiting other places. All you need to do is talk or type a text in the language you have chosen in your device and then mark the language in which you require the translation. Hence, you could talk to the app in English and it would translate that back to you in German or French whichever is the language of your requirement. The app also provides translation for many Asian languages, but many of them come only with the textual format and yet, it is a very useful app to have on the go.

Google Goggles

Through this app you can use the camera in your phone to take pictures of landmarks, buildings or objects and then run a Google search with it.  Also if possible, add some text so that your searches become more relevant. The results will help you identify the place or the landmark. This app can also be used for objects and products like Movie posters or soft drink cans etc to identify through Google.

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