The Best Free Backup Software Alternative To Norton Ghost

disk-partition-backupThere are several factors and reasons why you should format your computer like problem starting up, hard drive issues, slow performance, upgrading system, and a lot more. While formatting is easy, it will erase all your data and all the drivers and applications in the system, and you have to reinstall them again. Sounds tiring, right? That is mostly the case to all computer users.

I myself, format my computer once or twice a year. I install a lot of programs due to my work requirements so you may imagine how much time I would spend or waste when I format my pc.

That is not the case for me. I use a free back up software that makes backing up the system a breeze! This backup software features a powerful and effective system back up and recovery. You don’t have to reinstall everything including the OS and applications. It also backup all the data, system, and individual files that can be used in disaster recovery.

If you are a regular user, you can find a lot of instructions in formatting your pc. But if you need to find the drivers for your hardware, then you need proper knowledge.  The free backup software by EaseUs that I use is equip with friendly intuitive interface and wizard that helps and guide in performing backup and recovery.  You don’t need to have technical skills as long as you know how to follow instructions.

I prefer and recommend using this because the software is safe and reliable. You don’t need to worry about losing or damaging your data. As a matter of fact, it competes well and consider to be the top alternative for the leading backup software–the Norton Ghost. Above all, this software is FREE for home users. The software keeps on improving and now supporting Windows 8. You can opt for their paid version for better deals but the free one is already great.

So if you are planning to format your computer, then you must highly consider checking this software.