Bid At Your Own Risk

ebay-logoIf you are fond of shopping and internet, then most probably you know the site Ebay. Ebay is actually the most popular marketplace on the internet. It is a place where both used and new can be found. It is a place where you can go shopping without even going to malls and department stores. Launched in 1995, ebay already made it the top and is now being used by people all over the world to buy and sell almost anything. With their organize categores and site features, spotting the item that you are looking for has never been that easy. In purchasing the items you want, there are two ways: you can bid to get the item or if the item has a buy it now button, youn can click on that, and paiy the buy it price.

The payment service they have, which is Paypal, makes it a safe place to trade worldwide. Although the payment exchange option is left to the buyer, Ebay still find ways to protect both the seller and the buyer. But if you choose Paypal, you get more security. Paypal allows the paying party to know, if the user is verified or not. If the user is verified, that means that there is bank account or credit card attached to the Paypal account. They also offer a protection program for claims with items not received which may result to chargeback and reversal.If you are new to Ebay, then I would suggest to pay using Paypal for a safe buying.Never pay using instant cash, since thetr5e is no protection with that.

Ebay wants its users to trade with confidence. They have placed a feedback system which allows other users to track the past transactions made by the other users.It is important that you check the feedback of the seller to see the comments of the users who had past transactions with him. This will help you see what kind of seller you will be dealing with. The higher the positive rating and numbers of transactions, the better.

Another thing that you should consider, is to know the condition of the item you want to bid or buy. You can ask the seller before bidding to avoid problems. Read the description carefully. And if all is fine with you, you can go ahead and bid or buy.

If you will be bidding and you can’t keep monitoring it until the end, you can set the maximum price you are willing to bid. Ebay will then place the bid for you, one step higher than the other bidder until it reaches your maximum price. As soon as another bidder place a higher amount than your maximum price, you will be outbid. If this is the case, don’t take it personally. You can always watch out for the similar item listed by other users.

Always remember that scammers do exist no matter how ebay enforce safety trading in the marketplace so take extra precaution.