Broken Laptop – How To Detect The Problem

Often when a laptop breaks down, we are at a loss how to fix it. Oftentimes we have no idea what the problem is and are kept lurching in the dark. But without knowing what exactly is wrong with the broken laptop, it is difficult to determine whether we should go for the repair or buying an altogether new one would be a prudent choice. However, there are a few ways out and following the few basic steps jotted down below, you may be able to diagnose the problem your machine is facing, without however seeking the help of a professional.

If your laptop is running poorly, the first thing to do is to run a complete virus scan. People who use internet generally have some or other protection software installed, so they should do a full system check up through that software. People who were not using an antivirus should immediately avail of one and see if there machine has got infected by any virus. If yes, the system needs to be cleared of the virus.

At times, the broken laptop would not even turn on. In that case, you can note other symptoms like the indicator lights, sounds of the fan and the booting sound and else and see if you can find any help online. Often it would happen that if you can mention the symptoms correctly and the right build of your model, you will find useful answers for home fixes in different message boards or chat rooms devoted on the subject.

You may also get some useful information about the approximate cost of a repair in case you turn to a professional. This will help you to determine whether to repair the laptop or go for a new one. If the repair amount soars to a hefty one, you may consider buying laptops under 400.

So you can see that even if one is not tech savvy, one can do a few things himself in case of a broken laptop. The above steps can save you some unnecessary trouble and some good amount of money, too.