Can Your Computer Run that Game?

Can your computer run that game? this is number one question that I ask to my friends or clients when they want a certain game installed or play on their computer. Not all machines can run all games. Every computer game has it’s own system requirements such as CPU, memory, operating system, video card etc. and you have to meet all those requirements to be able to play and enjoy your desired game. But how can you know if your computer can run that game? well here is a simple solution to help you determine if your system can run a certain product. I introduce to you Can you run it? by systemrequirementslab.

Can you run it?  is online tool that will analyze your computer hardware and system software and will display a result if your computer is capable of running that game. All you have to do is choose from the wide variety of games available from their choices, click the button and the rest is up to them.


After Choosing a game it will then analyze your whole system and will provide the right recommendations.


After it finishes analyzing your machine it will then present to you if you meet at least the minimun requirement to run the game. It will also give you some recommendation on how you can run that game.


A you can see this machine that I am using didn’t meet the required machine power to play Crysis. too bad 🙁 … well I guess I have to find other games that this computer can run. 😀