Caring for Your Laptop Battery

The era wherein laptops are only considered as the inferior relatives of the desktop computers is long gone. If in the past, the laptop is only used for processing files, storing small amounts of data or doing simple tasks like viewing photos or doing calculations, now it is starkly different. Laptops are now as powerful as or even more powerful than desktop PC’s. But the fact that notebooks are portable makes it even more advantageous to invest on compared with its bulky counterpart. However, the only problem is that the laptop battery can only last for a few hours on its portability-mode. Sometimes, the abrupt shutting down of the notebook computer cause a lot of problems – data loss, software malfunction, or even startup problems.

That is why devoted laptop users should make sure that their batteries are always at its optimum level of performance. Which means that when the battery meter on your monitor says ‘1 hour left’, it means that way and it won’t shut down on you without warning. A replacement laptop battery can be the easiest alternative when this problem is encountered but after 5 battery replacements in a year, you will see that something needs to be done. Here are some simple tips to lengthen your laptop battery’s prime:

1. Overcharge the battery on its first use for up to 8 hours.
2. After the initial overcharging, make sure that you remove the laptop battery charger when the notification in your monitor tells you so.
3. Never expose your battery to dust, moisture or sudden shakes.
4. Purchase one or two spare laptop batteries.
5. Always use accessories that are approved by the brand of your notebook.

Following these instructions can make sure that your laptop battery life will lengthen considerably. Not only will it save you some money in the long run, it will ensure that your computer-use will be stress-free.