The Different Types Of Geeks

There are lots of geeks in the world. You can take this positively or not, but either way, Scott Johnson revealed their pictures. Some may be funny and unbelievable. But these 56 geek pictures aim to help you identify your geeky personality. Head on and see what kind of geek you are! Read More »

How The Back Of Your Favorite Websites Look Like

It can be really interesting if you’ll be able to peep the back part of your favorite website, isn’t it? Literally, I mean the back part or the inside part of the website. You want to know what I mean? Have a look: Quiet interesting, right? Its just like an inverted version, but its really like you’re viewing the back ... Read More »

Great Ideas You Can Do With Your Computer

Here are some great ideas you can do with your computer when your precious computer suddenly dies on you or takes forever to open, can’t even run the paint program, has a 10 seconds delays on every sounds, need to kick it before it runs, or it just can’t or don’t follow any of your instructions. Just select the best, ... Read More »

Keyboard Missing

Have you encountered this error? “ERROR, KEYBOARD NOT FOUND”… “PRESS F2 TO CONTINUE” Sometimes the computer is so stupid… or is it the… ^_^ Read More »

Abbott and Costello: How not to buy a Computer

While I was browsing and searching for some computer store, I came across to this post from a forum. It is a computer joke starring Abbott and Costello. Abbott and Costello?? honestly I don’t really know them, I guess you have to be old to know them 😀  . I like this joke a lot, I cried while laughing. Even ... Read More »

Time to Laugh!

This funny pictures was sent to me by my friend and I can’t help myself but laugh. and I won’t let this day past without sharing this humorous pics to all my readers and fellow bloggers. Bad Judgment Bad Spelling Forgot something? Good Reason to Wear Pajamas to Bed How to handle a problem neighbor How was your cereal this ... Read More »

Freak your friends! – How to create upside down messages

I stumbled upon this cool website that allows you to create and display your messages upside down. This site is, FlipTitle totally flips your words, upside down and backward. I find this cool trick very useful. You can use the flipped text  as your password  making it a lot more secure. That would be a hard to be break by ... Read More »