Cool Facebook Chat Client – Chit Chat for Facebook

Technology has absolutely revolutionized our lives in recent years, with mobile and Internet technologies being introduced to essentially ensure that you can chat to family, friends and colleagues 24 hours a day. Instant messaging has certainly been instrumental in enabling people to chat as and when they like online but has become particularly popular when paired with social networking sites ... Read More »

Free Website Builder

Whether you are a big scale business owner, small entrepreneur, or just a simple mom trying to earn from home or show the world your hobbies, you need something to increase your success 4 times bigger–a website. Having your own website is a win-win decision, whether its for personal gain or to help your business succeed and gain more. Personal ... Read More »

The Different Types Of Geeks

There are lots of geeks in the world. You can take this positively or not, but either way, Scott Johnson revealed their pictures. Some may be funny and unbelievable. But these 56 geek pictures aim to help you identify your geeky personality. Head on and see what kind of geek you are! Read More »

Domain Name Extensions And Their Purposes

Do you know that domain name extensions have meanings and purposes? Websites owners are not just using them because they sound good. Some domain name extensions are cheaper than the others. If you are planning to buy your own domain name for your business or personal use and want to use the appropriate domain name extension, then below are the ... Read More »

How The Back Of Your Favorite Websites Look Like

It can be really interesting if you’ll be able to peep the back part of your favorite website, isn’t it? Literally, I mean the back part or the inside part of the website. You want to know what I mean? Have a look: Quiet interesting, right? Its just like an inverted version, but its really like you’re viewing the back ... Read More »

How to Fix “Oops, Yelp is overworked right now”

I was  about to help a client sign up on several high quality local listing such as Google Places, Local Yahoo, Bing Business Portal, Yelp etc. I was successful with other local listing site. I didn’t experience any troubles signing up and adding business with them. However, when it’s time for me to register on Yelp, a problem came up. ... Read More »

Free Facebook Emoticons – Spice Up Your Facebook Chats with Emoinstaller

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A new application enabling the use of nearly a thousand marvelous Facebook Emoticons recently hit the internet. I just found out about it, and rushed over to their website for more information and to try it out for myself. I have been thoroughly impressed so far. It may not be perfect, but it is a terrific start to a new, ... Read More »

Get Answers with Facebook Questions

Facebook has a new application called Questions.  When the new feature shows up on your account, you will see it as a tab on your main page. The Questions app is designed to help everyone share their knowledge and expertise on the site. How to Use Questions To use the new feature: Click the Question link tab Type a question ... Read More »

Show Your Feelings with Facebook Emoticons

Cool Facebook Emoticons Many times the best way to talk to someone on Facebook chat is with emoticons. With facebook emoticons you get to say so many words without saying them at all. There are dozens of free emoticons for Facebook that you can use for various situations. Happiness To let the responder know that you are in a good ... Read More »

FREE Instant Backlink Builder! – Build Unique Backlinks to Your Web Pages Everyday for FREE!

Create 25 backlinks every single day for FREE! In SEO, one of the most important parts of optimization is building backlinks. Why? Building backlinks make it possible for your pages to be indexed faster than usual, which is indeed very important if you are working on the visibility of your pages in search engines, to make them crawl to your ... Read More »