500 Worst Passwords

I was exploring some cool, funny and interesting pictures on the web, when I stumbled on this “500 worst password” image on Flickr. After reading the list of passwords It made me think because although this is hilarious it is also a serious matter. Some  internet users today usually use some of the passwords that are listed on the image. ... Read More »

Define A Word Using Google

Looking for a quick and easy way to define a word? well lucky you… Google has a capability to provide you accurate and extensive definitions and word meanings. It gives definitions and meanings from trusted sources like wikipedia and others. To easily search fro a meaning or definition just go to Google home page, type “define:” (without the quotes) then ... Read More »

Dress Up Your Firefox with Personas

Is your Firefox browser been looking so boring lately? Wishing that you have a way to make your Firefox more alive without the pain of searching and installing Firefox themes every time you want to change the look of your browser? Well you can jump on your seat now because this is your lucky day. I have found a very ... Read More »

How To Show Alexa Ranking in Firefox

Most people say that the quality of Alexa ranking is somewhat useless. For me Alexa  is still somewhat useful, it allows me get a rough idea on how much traffic a certain site gets. Alexa is also preferred by advertisers so I usually watch my Alexa. As you also can see this site is  ranking poorly compared to other computer ... Read More »

How to Make Firefox Display Full Size Images

A friend ask me if there is a way his browser will display images in full size. Well, fortunately for him it is possible with Firefox. By default, Firefox resizes large  images to fit into the the browser’s window. When you search for an image let’s say on Google images, you’ll have to click on the image to view it’s ... Read More »

How to Bring Back Firefox 3 about:config Warning Message

I guess you’ve already seen the warning message of Firefox when you try to modify it’s settings. The warnings tells you that you should not configure or edit any settings if you don’t understand any of it because it affect the performance, stability and security of Firefox.  If you tweak your Firefox settings a lot then it will be more ... Read More »

Hidden Google Pages

I think there is no human being in this world that surfs the internet that do not know Google, even robots knows Google. Google is so popular that it became a household name when you want to find out something “just Google it”. Do you know that there is some Google pages that are only known to some people. Today ... Read More »

How to track how much time you spend online with Firefox

How much time do you spend browsing on the internet, reading news, reading and sending mails, stumbling websites? Do you want to keep track on how much you spend browsing the internet using firefox? here is a Firefox extension that will help you do that. I introduce to you Timetracker. Timetracker is a Firefox extension that will allow you to ... Read More »

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Live Stream

To all boxing and Pacquiao and Hatton fans you can watch their most awaited fight live here. Manny is the hero of the Filipino, a record breaking ZERO crime rate in the Philippines whenever he has a match. The time here in the Philippines will once again stop to support our national pride. Go Pacman! Alternate link 1 Alternate link ... Read More »

How to Easily Create Randomly Generated Identity

Did you know that participating in chat rooms or social networking, filling out Web scripts, forms or registration pages are just two of the most dangerous online activity?  Such activities are unavoidable, social networking and form registrations has now become a online necessity. However,  those two activities can cause you to loose all your important info if you don’t take ... Read More »