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Ipad In New York City

Its past Christmas but my spirit is high, so lets get techie but this time with my latest find. Let’s forget about computer virus, computer tips and tweaks for a while, and lets talk about great deals in finding new gadgets. After all, if we have new gadgets, we have something more to tweak.  Sounds interesting, huh? Christmas is over ... Read More »

Cool Vintage Computer Ads

When we say vintage, we don’t simply mean old. We mean something obsolete and outdated, yet valuable. Although computers can be one of the most popular “modern breakthrough” in technology, do you know that computers, just like the apes evolve from generation to generation? Curious? Let me show you some pictures of vintage computer ads that would show you how ... Read More »

Pocket These Facts about Samsung Galaxy Tab Stands

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At least one Samsung Galaxy Stand can be carried in the pocket of a jacket. Anyone who plans to shop around and check out the various Samsung Galaxy tab stands should pocket the following useful facts. Theses facts can serve as a guide, during selection of the best Galaxy stand for tablet products. Each of the lightweight tablet computers fits ... Read More »

How to Use Email Fax

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Email fax refers to using the internet to send and receive faxes in a format similar to email. It is also known as online fax or internet fax. There are several email fax services that provide users with an online account to manage incoming and outgoing faxes. Email fax services is a great solution for everyone. It can be used ... Read More »

10 Coolest Computer Mouse

Looking for the best holiday gift or just want to replace your old and boring computer mouse? Well, here some of the coolest mouse on earth and they are actually available for us to enjoy. Unless you own a touchscreen computer computer mouse is one of important tool you will need to go on with your cyber life. Source Read More »

Ultra Small Mini Computer

This tiny computer called LPC-100 – Ultra Small Mini PC maybe small but it will surprise with it’s power, portability and reliability. This ultra small PC can fit in your pocket but will give you the same functionality of a normal desktop or laptop. The LPC-100 has a size of 4.0″(W) x 6.1″(D) x 1.45″(H) (102mm x 155mm x 37mm) ... Read More »