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High Quality Jeremy Lin Wallpapers

Jeremy Lin Wallpaper

Jeremy Lin is the new NBA sensation. He is one of the best things that happened to the shortened NBA 2011-2012 season. I am one of his “Linsane” fans since his breakout season.  Jeremy proved that hard work and dedication do pay off. He is such a fan darling and a marketing cash cow. That’s why I really don’t understand ... Read More »

Cool Android Widescreen Wallpapers

Getting bored and tired viewing the same computer wallpapers? Do have some fun changing your wallpapers today! It can make a lot difference *wink* If you’ve been looking for a widescreen wallpapers, you may like to try these cool android widescreen wallpapers that I am sharing here.   Click here for more wallpapers – Widescreen / HD Wallpapers Read More »

Merrill Datasite: Virtual Data Room Services Provider

With the modern technology of today, every businesses must be competitive enough to cope. While it brings a lot  of  advantages and opportunities, it also brings challenges on how we can make use of technology on our business advantage without sacrificing security. Now that almost every thing can be done virtually, you may be thinking of going from traditional to more advance option for ... Read More »

A Powerful But Easy To Use Video Converter

movavi video converter

With all the gadgets available in the market today like laptops, mobile phones, media players, MP3 players, etc, it is undeniable that our lives are now revolving into a huge media center. Videos can be taken in an instant using a mobile phone and be shared through MMS or via uploading using the internet. There is no need of bringing ... Read More »

How To Resize Disk Partition Without Formatting

Is it possible to change the size of his disk partition without reformatting his computer? Yes, if you have a Windows 7 & or Vista installed you can use their built in procedure to change the size of the partition. If you have a earlier versions of operating system Windows 95/98 or XP it’s impossible to do this without the ... Read More »

Super Cool Angry Birds Wallpapers

Angry birds wallpaper

Angry Birds is one of the most successful mobile game today.  Angry Birds is developed and published by Rovio Mobile Ltd. The Angry Birds game also has a web version by Google Chrome, you can play it here Almost everyone knows Angry Birds, your here so I guess you are one of the many fans of angry birds. Here I ... Read More »

Dot Net Components and Controls

Dot net is a framework created by Microsoft for programming in their operating system.  Many software developers use dot net components as a set of tools to make their jobs easier.  If used properly, a development shop or even an organization can become extraordinarily more efficient. For some developers using .net components can save them up to 50% of development ... Read More »

WordPress Wallpapers

If you love computers, blogging (I’m almost sure you are using wordpress, right?) and internet, then definitely your desktop is not a plain black and white or default windows desktop. I’m talking about wallpapers here. There are lots of wallpapers available in the net, all you have to do is search and voila! Here are some wordpress wallpapers that may ... Read More »

DVD File Converter Software Made Easy

Some people just can’t resist the urge to tinker with things, and some DVD movie enthusiasts are no exception. While the rest of the world is content to slide a disc into the DVD player and cozy up around the television, these folks are using a software package like the iSkysoft Video Converter to take a movie apart on their ... Read More »

Dropbox – A Great Tool That Let’s You Share Files Easily

Share your files easily using Dropbox! Are you tired attaching and sending your files manually when backing up files or sending files to a friend or co-worker, tired of using a USB device to transfer your files to your computers? Ever wish there was a simpler, faster and of course safest way to do those task? Good thing you are ... Read More »