PC Tools

Delete The “Undeletable” File

Back in November, I posted an article on how you can delete the undeletable file, But some of my readers and friends requested a more simple way to delete those “undeletable” files. For the sake and benefits of my readers that wants a more simpler way of solving this problem, I’ve search and tried lots of file/folder unlocking program. Of ... Read More »

Free Tools to Easily Resize Your Images

I know we all want to keep our photos and other images to it’s original size. However, if you want to send them to your friends via email or share them through your blog a smaller image size are much more preferred. Bulletin boards Avatars also requires a smaller size and most of the time your desired avatar requires resizing. ... Read More »

How to Get the Vista Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows XP

If you can’t leave Windows XP but love some of the new features of Vista specially the thumbnail preview, then here is the chance to get it without upgrading your XP to Vista or installing a Vista transformation pack. I present to you Visual Tooltip. Visual Tooltip allows you have the thumbnail preview feature of Vista and also to switch ... Read More »

How to Backup your Cookies

I really love cookies! I don’t want to go to a website, sign in and type my username and password by myself. Hey, who wants to do that all the time when you have your precious cookie to do it for you. Yesterday, I explain what is a computer cookie and why do we need those cookie. This time I ... Read More »

Add some Colors and Themes to your Windows Folders using Folderico

Getting tired on the usual yellow and dull look of your windows folders? why not add some life to your boring and lifeless folders. I present to you Folderico folder icon changer by Shedko Software. Folderico is a nice free tool that will allow you to easily change the look of your folder either by context menu or through dialog ... Read More »

How To Transform Your PC into a Mac

Tired of the old look of your windows? do you want to make your PC to look like a Mac? well here are a few easy steps on how you can transform your PC into a Mac. 1. Download and install Windows Blinds 2. Download a Mac theme for your Windows Blinds 3. Download and install¬† Object Dock 4. Download ... Read More »

Can Your Computer Run that Game?

Can your computer run that game? this is number one question that I ask to my friends or clients when they want a certain game installed or play on their computer. Not all machines can run all games. Every computer game has it’s own system requirements such as CPU, memory, operating system, video card etc. and you have to meet ... Read More »

A Free Tool to Recover Your Deleted Files

Have you accidentally deleted or lost an important file when your computer crashed or you lost your files to some virus attacks? Back in December 2008 I shared to you my experience on how did I recover all my files when suddenly my laptop crashes and all my files got deleted worst of all my partition is damaged. On that ... Read More »

How To Know What’s Indside Your Computer

Do you want to know the exact specification of your computer without the need of opening your computer? Sometimes when you need a help to troubleshoot or upgrade your computer and your friend or a technician ask you some system specs you often face the problem on how on earth you will find your machine’s specification.  Here is a simple ... Read More »

A Free Tool to Organize your Messy Desktop

Do you have an ugly, unorganize, messy desktop full of icons and shortcuts? Are looking for an easy way to finally give your desktop some breathing room? back in October last year 2008 I shared to you some ways on how you can restore the original arrangement of your desktop icons, bringing all your icons to it’s original positions. This ... Read More »