The Best Free Backup Software Alternative To Norton Ghost

There are several factors and reasons why you should format your computer like problem starting up, hard drive issues, slow performance, upgrading system, and a lot more. While formatting is easy, it will erase all your data and all the drivers and applications in the system, and you have to reinstall them again. Sounds tiring, right? That is mostly the ... Read More »

How To Effectively Recover Deleted Files

Undoubtedly to most of us, computers are already a common part of our daily lives. Aside from its common usage, it also become the safe keeper of our important documents and files. Some also back up their files in cloud server, but that’s another story. In some cases, when your computer failed to keep your files due to system malfunction, ... Read More »

Technology Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Technology is in filtrating all areas of life, including how we eat. If you are a restaurant owner, you need to know what technologies are currently being used to stay competitive. Here is a short list of some of the more popular technologies being used in this industry. Online Reservations Many restaurants are offering online reservations. Consumers are increasingly using ... Read More »

6 Tools That Can Transform Your Image Into A Cool ASCII Art

pctechnote ascii image

Want to transform your picture into a cool ASCII Art? ASCII Art is a way of transforming your images into a cool art using ASCII characters. You can use any text editor to create ASCII  images but turning any image using ASCII characters takes forever if done manually luckily I have here a set of web utilities that will help ... Read More »

How To Bring Back The Start Menu In Windows 8

Microsoft released the latest version of Windows–the Windows 8. Many of us are curious with how Windows 8 works and how it differs with the previous versions. If you have just upgraded to Windows 8, I’m pretty sure you will feel strange with the new look.  One of the first thing that you will notice is that the Start menu ... Read More »

10 Best Tips for Graphic Programs

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Graphic programs and software are widely used in designing the blogs, websites, posters, banners, logos and greeting cards. But the selection in the crowd really becomes very sophisticated and typical when you face thousands of graphic programs in the market. You should choose one of the best and most appropriate graphic programs that can be compatible and serve your intended ... Read More »

How To Easily Scan, Repair and Speedup Your PC!

how to speed up your pc

Do you know that as you use Windows, the Windows registry’s size keeps on increasing? And when it becomes very large, you may notice that your computer performance slows down. Even if you uninstall a certain program, some part of the program is left in the Windows Registry adding weight on its size. If you want to prevent this from ... Read More »

Merrill Datasite: Virtual Data Room Services Provider

With the modern technology of today, every businesses must be competitive enough to cope. While it brings a lot  of  advantages and opportunities, it also brings challenges on how we can make use of technology on our business advantage without sacrificing security. Now that almost every thing can be done virtually, you may be thinking of going from traditional to more advance option for ... Read More »

A Powerful But Easy To Use Video Converter

movavi video converter

With all the gadgets available in the market today like laptops, mobile phones, media players, MP3 players, etc, it is undeniable that our lives are now revolving into a huge media center. Videos can be taken in an instant using a mobile phone and be shared through MMS or via uploading using the internet. There is no need of bringing ... Read More »

How To Resize Disk Partition Without Formatting

Is it possible to change the size of his disk partition without reformatting his computer? Yes, if you have a Windows 7 & or Vista installed you can use their built in procedure to change the size of the partition. If you have a earlier versions of operating system Windows 95/98 or XP it’s impossible to do this without the ... Read More »