Dot Net Components and Controls

Dot net is a framework created by Microsoft for programming in their operating system.  Many software developers use dot net components as a set of tools to make their jobs easier.  If used properly, a development shop or even an organization can become extraordinarily more efficient. For some developers using .net components can save them up to 50% of development ... Read More »

DVD File Converter Software Made Easy

Some people just can’t resist the urge to tinker with things, and some DVD movie enthusiasts are no exception. While the rest of the world is content to slide a disc into the DVD player and cozy up around the television, these folks are using a software package like the iSkysoft Video Converter to take a movie apart on their ... Read More »

Dropbox – A Great Tool That Let’s You Share Files Easily

Share your files easily using Dropbox! Are you tired attaching and sending your files manually when backing up files or sending files to a friend or co-worker, tired of using a USB device to transfer your files to your computers? Ever wish there was a simpler, faster and of course safest way to do those task? Good thing you are ... Read More »

Recover Your Damaged Partition The Safer Way

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Repairing the damaged partition in your computer is a tough job. Even when you know that you’re using a great tool and 100% sure of what you’re doing, your files are at risk if something goes wrong. Since the changes that is made in a damaged partition is most of the time irreversible, it’s better to make a back up ... Read More »

CDBurnerXP – The Best Nero Alternative

I’ve been a Nero Burning Software user ever since college. I have never use any burning software aside from Nero until I discovered this free burning software that has almost all the capabilities of the popular Nero. One SUPER BIG ADVANTAGE of CDBurnerXP against Nero is that CDBurnerXP is so lightweight, It consumes less resources than Nero (image below). Other ... Read More »

A Small App That Can Easily Close All Open Windows

Here is the solution for all of you out there including me that don’t want to go through the hassle again of closing every app or windows individually. Here is a small app that can close all windows all at once with only ONE click. Close All Windows is a small software from NTWind that can easily terminate all open ... Read More »

How to Easily Change Your Windows 7 Start Menu Orb

Here is a cool app that will let you change and personalized your Windows Start Menu Orb. This is a great way if you want to get a away from the usual Windows 7 Orb. Before you do any customization, it is very important that you first create a system restore point. You can do this by typing “System Restore” ... Read More »

How to Protect Your Computer from Kids Hands

Are you looking for a way to finally make your computer safe from the hands of your little kids that loves to play around with your keyboard that often makes your desktop scrambled or worst some of your files being deleted, well here is a free app called KidSafe that can do the job.  KidSafe was designed to be a ... Read More »

A Tool to Easily Manage Your Desktop Items

In my opinion and I think the majority of computer users will agree that the Windows desktop is one of the most visited and used place when you are using a windows based computer. Most applications that I frequently opens are located on my desktop even downloaded files are fighting for space on my desktop. If you place lots of ... Read More »

A Simple Tool to Easily Manage and Fix Common System Errors

Here is a simple tool that can help you easily manage and fix system errors on your Windows 7 machine. Sysfix is simple but powerful that comes with lots of features. It has tools to fix fix network issues by login to router, flush DNS, purge files, rearrange directory etc. I like it’s interface, it’s neat and very easy to ... Read More »