Great Free CD/DVD Burners

Just in case you don’t have a budget for a paid burning software, here are free CD/DVD burning software for you and are a great alternative to the famous Nero burning application. To those who emailed me about free burning software here they are. CDBurnerXP a free software for burnign CD’s, DVD’s and also Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. it also allows ... Read More »

How to make your Windows XP windows transparent

Windows Transparency is only available on Windows Vista. You can experience Transparency effect if you have vista home premium or using third party software. The big problem is it requires a lot of machine power. But what if you want to experience the transparency effect and you don’t have a powerful machine? Here is ultimate solution for your problem. Here ... Read More »

Top 3 Best Free Antivirus Software

Installing antivirus software is a must software to protect your computer. Although there are many antivirus software all over the web which provides different levels of security protection from viruses, trojans, malwares and spywares I only trust and recommend these three antivirus software for your computer’s protection. These 3 will provide you and your precious machine the security you need. ... Read More »

Give your XP or Vista Start Menu a new style

Are you getting bored on the usual start menu of your XP or Vista machine? Do you want to spice up and give your start menu a new style? well... here is small but great program that will give your miserable and boring start menu a new look and most of all you will have your start menu a makeover for Free.

What are you waiting for! replace your start menu today! Very easy to install, even beginners can stylize their start menu using this tool.

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Outlook Calendar on your Desktop

Have you ever think of on how you can easily see and managed your scheduled activities without the extra clicks? well here is a program that will definitely solve your problem. This is a program that will put your Microsoft Outlook Calendaring system right on your desktop. The benefit of having your calendar on your desktop is you don’t have ... Read More »

How to download videos, mp3, mp4 files embedded on websites

I've been ask a lot of times, How can they download videos from Youtube and from other video sites so I look for a software that I think is the most reliable software that they can use to be able to download flv videos, mp3 and other multimedia files.

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Give your XP a Vista look – Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1

If you are one of those users that are still in windows XP and don’t want to upgrade or don’t have the machine power to run Vista this is the best way to somehow experience Windows Vista without overhauling your whole system to meet the high requirements of Windows Vista. Vista Transformation Pack 9 will give your Windows XP the ... Read More »

Switch User Account Control (UAC) in Quiet Mode

Just two weeks ago I wrote a post on how you can disable User Account Control or UAC. But some people are asking if there is a way to disable just the UAC prompt so they don’t have to disable their UAC and leaving their computer less secure.  On those questions I’ve researched on how to run UAC on quiet ... Read More »

How to remove Windows Vista shortcut arrow

Default Icon Shortcut Arrow removed If you are a Windows Vista user I guess you already noticed the huge shortcut arrow on your desktop shortcuts. If you don’t like to see those huge arrows you can download this small Vista Shortcut Icon remover utility from frameworkx. Download Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover 2.0 Read More »

Best Free Antispyware Programs

With the continuous development in E-commerce and online transaction trends, spyware programs are considered to be one of the biggest threat. Because of the rapid growth, different Anti-spyware are made and can already be found all over the internet…users just have to choose between free and with price. Of course we know the difference of free and paid. Basically free ... Read More »