Video Card Repair Flowchart

This chart will help you solve and identify video display problem. Video card problem is one of the reason on a no display issue on your computer, so if you happen to experience a no display problem on your PC you might want to check your video adapter. Click here for more detailed explanation Read More »

PC Repair and Maintenance Advice

Quality In, Performance Out

The quality of replacement components is one of the factor performance after the repair. When it comes to selecting replacement parts, there are hundreds of choices and varieties in quality and price. For example, while most computer-literate people can differentiate hard drives solely by their data-storage capacity, overall computer performance is affected by differences in hard

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Troubleshooting Tips for a new Motherboard

More than 70% of all computer problems are related to cabling and connections. Ensure all cables are connected and connected firmly. IDE and floppy ribbon cables and power cables can often go loose. Ensure microprocessor, memory modules, and adapters such as video card are inserted correctly and didn’t “pop-up” due to vibration. System has no power at all. Power light ... Read More »

How to get SmartBRO Canopy IP Address

If you’ve been wondering if you can access and tweak you Smartbro Canopy to change its settings or fix your connection, then you’re reading the right article. One of the better ways to do it is by knowing your canopy’s IP address. If you don’t know how to do it, then follow these step. Remember that every new smartbro subscriber ... Read More »

How to configure Zyxel P-600 series with PLDT MyDSL

This guide will help you configure your zyxel router to enable its routing capabilities so you can be able to share the internet connection without using a router. There is no need to follow this guide if you have a separate router like linksys, dlink, edimax, tplink, etc. all configuration should be done on your router, leave your modem alone... default modem settings is bridge mode. Although you can follow this Read More »