Repair Guide

How To Repair A Computer Crash Or Freeze

Fix Computer Crash The key to fixing a computer crash is understanding which utilities will prove most useful for analyzing and repairing the fault. In this article I’ll detail some of the key tools I use for regular PC maintenance of this type. Always begin by looking at hardware issues since ignoring these faults could lead to more data loss. ... Read More »

Fix Slow Computer – How To Easily Speed Up A Computer

How to Fix Slow Computer Fix Slow Computer:  Technology today is progressing faster than ever before, and computers are becoming more of a standard in just about every home. Technology helps us stay connected, it’s making the world faster and smarter, and it allows us to be a lot more productive. However, computers don’t always work the way we want ... Read More »

What To Do When You Encounter An Error Code On Your PC

How to Fix Windows Error Codes Dealing with Windows error codes, such as error 1706, can be tricky, as oftentimes these errors are accompanied by an error message that does not list the cause of the error. Having said this, it is best to perform basic troubleshooting steps before seeking an expert’s help. Many times, the simple troubleshooting steps discussed ... Read More »

Fast and Easy Fixes For Computer Driver Errors

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Driver update tools not only help you keep your drivers up to date, but they also assist you in troubleshooting common driver errors with just a few mouse clicks. In fact, using driver maintenance tools is the easiest and most effective way to fix common computer driver errors. Just have a look at the Driver Finder review here to see ... Read More »

ActiveX Control Errors

The above problem can a little hazy to most people. This can be attributed partly to the name among other factors. It can be said to be caused directly by problems arising from object oriented programming. This kind of programming is rather interesting in the way that it works. A procedure is seized up and divided into several basic steps ... Read More »

Get Rid Of The Google Redirect Virus

What exactly causes the Google redirect virus? Users are most often infected with this annoying virus after visiting malicious websites with unsecured browsers. What does it do exactly, and how does it hurt the user? The virus essentially hijacks the user’s Google searches and redirects them to another website other than the one you want to visit. Instead of your ... Read More »

Broken Hard Drive – Troubleshooting Faults

Resolving issues relating to a broken hard drive is usually best left to the professionals to solve but there are some checks you can make to see if the issue is software or hardware related first prior to putting in the experts. This article looks at some of the checks you can make. If you’re already aware of the damage ... Read More »

How To Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error

Back in 2009 I shared to you an article on how you can easily fix E27 error on your Canon Pixma printer. If you are lucky, some errors you will encounter will only require resetting your Canon Pixma printer but on some really bad days your printer will be needing a parts replacement + technician labor which is most of ... Read More »

How to Fix “Windows Installer Service could not be accessed” error message when installing application

I was about to install Adobe Photoshop CS3 to a client’s PC. At first I thought that this will be a walk in the park. But I was wrong, Just when I hit the Setup I immediately received this error “The Windows installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or ... Read More »

How to Fix “NTLDR is Missing” Error

This is my comeback post. It’s been months since I last update my blog.  For my comeback post I will be discussing on how to you can easily fix the error “NTLDR is Missing”, The reason why I chose this for my first post after months of absence is that I encountered this error 3 times in the last two ... Read More »