How To Fix Canon MP258 Error 5200

Canon Printer MP258 Error number 5200 or P07 usually occurs when your cartridge is dealing with temperature issues. Your cartridge maybe too cold because of rare usage or too hot because continues usage. This type of errors normally makes the MP258 owners jump out of their seats and bring their printer to service center causing them a lot of money ... Read More »

How To Reset Canon MP258 Printer

I switched printer a year ago from MP145 to MP258. But just like any other machines at some point it will stop working the way it should be. If you encounter Canon MP258 P07 error or Ink absorber full error resetting your printer will solve the problem. Easy Steps On How to Reset Canon MP258 Printer Step 1: Turn off ... Read More »

How To Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error

Back in 2009 I shared to you an article on how you can easily fix E27 error on your Canon Pixma printer. If you are lucky, some errors you will encounter will only require resetting your Canon Pixma printer but on some really bad days your printer will be needing a parts replacement + technician labor which is most of ... Read More »

How to Fix Error 27 on Canon Pixma MP145

Just this morning while I was about to print some documents, I encounter a E27 error on my Canon Pixma MP145 all-in-one printer. This type of error occurs when your waste ink absorber is full. The first thing I did was I clean the holder and the cartridge itself, remove excess inks, spills and some dirts but still no luck. ... Read More »