Virus Removal

How to remove SCVHOST.exe (W32/YahLover.Worm.gen or Win32/Autorun.R.worm)

This type of worm hides itself as SCVHOST.EXE or SCVHOSTS.EXE so it will look like the legitimate Windows program SVCHOST.EXE. This type of virus usually spread through Yahoo Messenger. This virus is also known as W32/YahLover.Worm.gen and Win32/Autorun.R.worm. One way to avoid infection from this virus is to ignore any invites from unknown friends. This virus/worm installs itself in autorun.inf ... Read More »

How to remove W32:Navidad (Navidad.Exe)

This Internet trojan spreads via email as an attachment (NAVIDAD.EXE). This worm also displays a message box upon execution and maps the opening of Windows executables so that it is executed instead of the executable that is called. This causes most Windows programs to not work. Ways to remove the Navidad Trojan The easiest way is to download Navidad Fix ... Read More »

XP Antivirus 2008 – A antivirus or a virus?

When we surf all of us have one thing in common it is the concern for our safety while we surf. I guess most of us experience being attacked my malicious programs such as spywares, malwares and other members of their family. Some people are very unlucky being a victim of those destructive programs, some of them have experienced losing ... Read More »

How to remove FUN.XLS

This is another popular article of mine from my previous blog that I brought back. I brought back my some of my previous posts to continuously help computer users recover from a virus attack. What is FUN.XLS.EXE? This worm gets into your PC through other malwares dropping it. It usually infects removable drives. When this program is executed it drops ... Read More »

How to remove Taga Xpress On Kami

MANUAL REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS Terminating a Process This procedure terminates the normal process WSCRIPT.EXE, which is used by this malware to execute. Terminating this file also terminates the malware. 1. Open Windows Task Manager. On Windows 98 and ME, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE On Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003, press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, then click the Processes tab. 2. In the list of ... Read More »

How to remove TAGA LIPA ARE! Virus

I post this topic before on my blogger blog and got many happy responses saying how this article help them easily remove this annoying virus but unfortunately without any reason my blog got deleted together with my Gmail account, I ask for support but never received a response, after weeks of contacting them I decided to move on and create ... Read More »

How to Remove MSBLAST.exe worm virus

While you are conveniently surfing suddenly a message appearstating that your PC will automaticallyturn off after a few seconds. Most of the people panic when they experience this kind of attack but this is cause by a virus namedMSBLAST.EXE. ButWhat is the MSBLAST.EXE worm, msblast.exe is also known as Blaster.A, LoveSan or Msblast.A. This worm infects computers via network connections. ... Read More »

How to Remove JAY.EXE and MVEO.EXE Virus

Viruses are everywhere if you were unlucky and unprotected you will be one of it's victims. Jay.exe virus infects internal and removable drives. Unfortunately some of the antivirus available aren't good enough to remove this virus but manually removing this pest can do the trick. Here's how you should do it.

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How to Remove Happy99.exe (ska)

This type of worm are attached to newsgroups and e-mail messages as attachments and are usually known as Happy99.exe. Fortunately you will not get infected by this malicious program just by reading a mail. Just like any other virus this program needs to be executed to be able to infect your PC or spreads itself.  If you notice this on ... Read More »