General Tips

How to Know If You Have a 32bit or 64bit Processor or Operating System

I always encounter this question with my friends and clients “Do I have a 32 bit or a 64 bit processor or operating system on my computer?”. The average users has generally has no idea between the difference of a 64 bit and 32 bit operating system. I will show in the most easy way on how you can find ... Read More »

Protecting Your Valuable Information

There are certain things you should not do if you decided to replace or sell your hard drive mainly because people might get a hand on your valuable information stored on your disk even if you formatted you hard disk. Don’t just delete all your data and empty the recycle bin Don’t just format your  hard drive Don’t just format ... Read More »

How to Choose a Reliable Antivirus

I guess you probably know the importance of having a good antivirus guarding your PC but choosing the right product is the hard part. There are so many antivirus that are being offered out there, free and paid and  they all come with complicated technical information which confuses the regular users. In choosing the best product that suits your need ... Read More »

Prevention is Better than Cure – Ways to Backup your Data

Have you experience losing all your data due to viruses and other deadly programs attack or malfunction device and saying that "I should have backup all my data". Losing data is one of the worst nightmare of any computer users like loosing saved pictures, copies of programs, movies, games and documents or worst having to lost business data, financial and legal information without any way of recovering. If you are one those people then may be its too late to recover all your hard work files and data but it is not too late to prevent it from happening again. BACKUP your all your data that is best way to save you from an unimaginable major disaster of losing important data.

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Computer File Recovery FAQ’s

Q: What is computer file recovery? A: It is also known as data recovery. Data recovery is the process of  retrieving data from any corrupted, failed, or damaged storage media, CDs, DVDs and other devices. Q: What can I do to prevent losing my data again? A: Backup… backup of the only way you can secure your important data. you ... Read More »

10 Reasons to use a Flash Drive

From ordinary computer users to students to executives, USB flash drive are often found on their desk, on their pockets and even hanging around their neck together with their ID. The popularity of diskettes and CD’s as a data storage medium are now gone. Here are the reasons why I use  flash drives and why you should also use it. ... Read More »

How to easily access your Yahoo! accounts straight from your desktop

Do you know that you can easily access your Yahoo accounts straight from your desktop? and there’s no need to enter your username and password! Here’s the super simple procedures: Right click on your desktop then select create a new shortcut. Enter the  link of your preferred account (shown below)  and replace “MYUSERNAME” with your username and “MYPASSWORD” with your ... Read More »

Different Types of Rips and Terms used in movie titles

I’ve been ask a lot of questions regarding the different types of rips and other terms, the most frequently ask are DVD Rip and DivX so I decide to write a post about different kinds of Rips and terms that are usually used in movie titles. Hope this helps everyone! Asian Silvers / PDVD: These are films put out by ... Read More »

Parts of a PC and its description

Did you ever get some computer problem that you can’t solve it yourself and have to contact a pc technician? Then after listening to all his explanation, you feel that you’ve been hit by a flying saucer and doesn’t understand  any word he’ve said. Don’t panic… you don’t need to see a doctor… maybe the technician just forget that you  ... Read More »

The facts about CHKDSK

Have you encountered a CHKDSK error? Do you know what is CHKDSK program and CHKDSK errors?. CHKDSK errors usually occurs whenever windows detects a problem with the file system on your hard disk. Windows tries to repair it by running the CHKDSK application. The fact about CHKDSK program is that eventhough it can repair such error it sometimes misdiagnose the ... Read More »