Toshiba Tecra M 11 – Security, Durability and Performance

Security, durability and performance are offered in another small laptop from Toshiba.  Its good looks are preserved by a textured finish which does not show fingerprints.  Toshiba engineered the Tecra M 11 is a portable business computer.  A goal in which Toshiba was successful.  The Toshiba Tecra M 11 derives its performance from the Intel Core family of processors. A ... Read More »

Choosing the Right Core i3 Laptop

Have you made up your mind into getting a Core i3 laptop? Well then congratulations on your choice. The Core i3 is actually one of the best processors to have for a laptop notebook and it is the entry level processor in the latest family in the Intel lineup, the other two being the mid Core i5 and the high ... Read More »

The Effects of Having a Broken Laptop

If you recently had a broken laptop it is almost a priority to purchase a brand-new one, but finding the right one can be difficult especially if money is an issue. The best option is finding laptops under 400 that can do the job that is required without costing a large amount of money. The first thing that is required ... Read More »

Tips on How You Can Save on Your Printer Ink Cartridges

Buying a printer is a one time cost but ink cartridges are needed to be bought on a regular basis. If you consume your ink cartridges wisely you can save lots of ink, will make your cartridge last longer and you will get more value for the money spent. Last year I shared to you an article on how you ... Read More »

How To Increase Your Printer’s Lifespan

A normal inkjet printer usually last for about 3 to 4 years before it finally retires, but laser printers generally last a few years longer. But no matter what kind of printer you have or how much longer a printer usually lives if you don’t take all the necessary maintenance you will end up replacing your printer every month. I ... Read More »

What is a UPS and Why Do We Need Them?

First, let me explain what is a UPS. UPS are battery backups, it stands for Uninterruptible power supply. UPS are typically used to protect computers and other other electrical equipments and appliances. A UPS is a device that is connected between your main electricity supply and your Computer . UPS  has two main functions: 1. It filters the mains supply ... Read More »

How To Effectively Clean Your Keyboard

As we all know keyboard is  one of the integral peripherals  of your computer. Take care of it as much as you take care of the other parts of your computer, besides how can you work efficiently or do the things you love on your computer without a keyboard?. Here is a quick guide on how you can effectively clean ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Printers Clean

As we all know, all device requires maintenance.  Some requires more while others less. Printers of any kind, requires the same… and actually it belongs to more type.  One malfunctioning part will cause trouble for the whole performance. Cleaning your printer regularly will save you from headache.  Different printers require different cleaning process.  But there are some process that you ... Read More »

Hard Drive Failure Signs

Knowing hard drive failure signs is very important. Hard disk failure is the number one cause of computer data loss. If you know the signs and symptoms you can therefore prevent your computer from crashing and also help you to prepare a data backup plan before it’s too late. Backing up your files on a regular basis  is a necessity, ... Read More »

How to Increase the Battery Life of your Laptop

Just recently I’ve given 3 good reason why you should choose a laptop over a desktop. I also state that one of the biggest advantage over desktop is the ability to save energy but how can you save energy if your laptop remains a slave to your wall outlet because it cannot last longer than an hour? here are several ... Read More »