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How to Run Multiple Rediff Bol Account

One of my regular blog reader ask if it’s possible to run multiple intances of Rediff Bol messenger. Rediff Bol  is a messenger from India that has similar functionalities as Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk. I’ve downloaded different versions of Rediff to try and test if it’s really possible luckily I found the way to run multiple accounts of Rediff on ... Read More »

How to know if your friend is invisible on Yahoo Messenger

This is a very simple trick to know if your friend or a certain user is on invisible mode without using  any Yahoo spy program. Some reasons why they chose to appear offline are they maybe too busy to talk to anyone, having a conversation to someone important, or just trying to ignore you 😀 . Follow this simple trick ... Read More »

How to send messages using command prompt

Do you want to chat or just send a private message to your friend, family member or office mates without using any fancy program? Back in college me and my friends uses this trick to talk inside the classroom because we were not allowed to download or use any messenger services. A lot of this kind of tutorial are not ... Read More »