Internet Explorer

How To Reopen Closed Browser Tab

Did you accidentally closed a browser tab you’re still using and want to reopen it? Do you want to reopen several tabs you closed either intentional or unintentional? It is possible and there are 2 ways to do it: 1. This works on major browsers like Firefox, IE, and Chrome. Just point your cursor to any open tab left. Right ... Read More »

How to Fix The Blank Title Bar in Internet Explorer 9

I just upgraded my browser to Internet Explorer 9 because I want to test and feel for myself if  the new Internet Explorer 9 is really faster over the past previous version of Internet Explorer, to Chrome and Opera as advertised. The new Internet explorer didn’t disappoint me it really seams faster, more streamlined and it provided a really good ... Read More »

How to get Internet Explorer out of Full Screen Mode

This is one of most common question I always receive from family and friends how they can get out of full screen mode in Internet Explorer or other  browser. Full screen mode is when you don’t see anything on your browser but  Full screen Mode is very useful when you are looking or reading the content of your favorite website ... Read More »

How to Easily Clean IE7 Browsing History

A friend of mine who is also a fan of Internet Explorer ask if there is a way he can easily remove or clean up his IE7’s browsing history. I told him that he can use a cleaning software like ccleaner to cleanup his computer, but he said that what he wants is to just clean only Internet Explorer 7 ... Read More »

How to Disable Internet Explorer

Are you tired of using Internet Explorer? There are lots of reasons why you may want to disable Internet Explorer from your computer. Alternative browser specifically Mozilla are much faster, provides better security and has lots of great features such as addons and themes available that Internet Explorer users are dreaming to have. The easiest way to disable Internet Explorer ... Read More »

How to Install multiple version of Internet Explorer on your PC

Have you ever wonder how you can be able to use multiple version of Internet Explorer on your computer? Is it really possible?… Yes, It is possible to install and use various versions of IE. Having multiple versions of Internet Explorer are  a great help when you want to test your websites or blogs for browser compatibilities. Here is a ... Read More »

Internet Explorer 7 problems

So you think that everything was going to be great and all will work fine when you upgraded to Internet Explorer 7and all your web browsing problem will be gone? but despite having the latest and stable version of Internet Explorer 7 problems still occurs, such as: Internet Explorer  temporarily hangs up while loading certain webpages such as those that ... Read More »

How to Print Only the Selected Text from webpages

While surfing the internet you came across a site with a great information and you want to print it out but you don’t want to print out the whole page including all the unnecessary ads, images, and text and that would be a waste of paper and ink right?.  Here’s how you can print just the information you need. Highlight ... Read More »