Mozilla Firefox

How To Reopen Closed Browser Tab

Did you accidentally closed a browser tab you’re still using and want to reopen it? Do you want to reopen several tabs you closed either intentional or unintentional? It is possible and there are 2 ways to do it: 1. This works on major browsers like Firefox, IE, and Chrome. Just point your cursor to any open tab left. Right ... Read More »

How To Remove Close Button on Firefox Tabs

The close button on Firefox tab is a very useful feature but it sometimes gets really annoying especially when you have lots of open tabs, it’s hard to jump to other tabs without accidentally clicking the close button. Well, good thing Firefox is very customizable, we can easily turn them off or get it on again if we want with ... Read More »

How to get Internet Explorer out of Full Screen Mode

This is one of most common question I always receive from family and friends how they can get out of full screen mode in Internet Explorer or other  browser. Full screen mode is when you don’t see anything on your browser but  Full screen Mode is very useful when you are looking or reading the content of your favorite website ... Read More »

How To Reduce Firefox Ram Usage

If you are starting to notice that your Firefox is running slow then it is because your Firefox is eating too much ram. Even the best browser is not perfect, but the good thing about Firefox is that you have the luxury to fix some of it’s troubles and tweak it’s settings. Of course, the best way to fix issue ... Read More »

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox is my favorite browser. I got instantly hook  to Firefox when I first tried it. Firefox is incomparably faster than other browser, more secured, less bugs, lots of cool features, and easy to use. What I personally like about Firefox is the ability to tweak it’s settings for maximum performance and the hundreds of available add-ons, themes and plugins ... Read More »

How to change the default download location in Firefox

Several people have recently ask me on how they can change the default download location of Firefox. I know a lot of computer users  know this stuff and this is definitely a no-brainer for most geeks out there but there are still a lot people that needs some assistance regarding this matter so I will provide a quick tip on ... Read More »

How to Print Only the Selected Text from webpages

While surfing the internet you came across a site with a great information and you want to print it out but you don’t want to print out the whole page including all the unnecessary ads, images, and text and that would be a waste of paper and ink right?.  Here’s how you can print just the information you need. Highlight ... Read More »