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ZERO Spam E-mail account

Do you want to eliminate those annoying junk mail once and for all? All of us hate SPAM on our e-mail, no matter what preventive measures we do spam mails keeps coming back to our email account. But I found a free e-mail service that can really solve our spam problems on our e-mail inbox. What I’m talking about is ... Read More »

How To Choose The Right Printer

Printers are no different from computers and other technology. Like other technologies they also evolved almost everyday into something bigger and better. Newer versions and models are coming out. There are lots of options available to choose from and that is becoming a problem for it becomes extremely hard to determine the right printer for you and exactly what you ... Read More »

How to Remove and Add Right-Click Menu Items from Files and Folders

Do you sometimes wonder how you can be able to remove or even add a item on right click menu? well… this is your lucky day you will be able to do that by following my simple guide below without breaking a sweat. Like I always said BACKUP your registry first before you do anything on your registry.

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The facts about CHKDSK

Have you encountered a CHKDSK error? Do you know what is CHKDSK program and CHKDSK errors?. CHKDSK errors usually occurs whenever windows detects a problem with the file system on your hard disk. Windows tries to repair it by running the CHKDSK application. The fact about CHKDSK program is that eventhough it can repair such error it sometimes misdiagnose the ... Read More »

5 Signs to Know That You are a Computer Addict

Are you also one those those people that can’t live without their computer? do you rely everything on your computer? have you tried to do everything you had to do using computer?. I consider my self one of them. My computer was on every minute, I always checked my mails as often as possible, I tried to do everything on ... Read More »

What is Config.MSI? Is it safe to remove config.msi folder?

Just about this morning I receive a mail asking if he can delete the config.msi folder and if it’s safe to remove config.msi folder. The answer is yes, you can safely remove config.msi folder. But before we begin the procedure on deleting that folder let me first explain what is config.msi and where you can find it. Config.msi is a ... Read More »

How to individually remove typed URL’s

Everytime you type an address on every browser the URL history is automatically saved. These are very helpful to easily access the previously visited sites. But what if while you were surfing on the internet looking at things you suddenly stumbled a site you should not have been looking or you visited a site you don't want any of your family members or friends to know that you visited such sites. The quick answer is "clear all private data". yes that will work but then again what if you just want to remove a specific url, here are the steps to do that.

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How to find the right Registry Cleaner

If you are experiencing a dreaded slow computer then maybe its time to get your registry fixed and cleaned. With the help of the right registry software your computer will perform faster like they should. Choosing the right registry cleaner is vital for the life of your computer. There are lots of registry software that advertise as the best cleaner and will fix any trouble your computer may have, but how can I choose the right software for me?... well here are some advice on how you can choose the best healer for your sick computer.

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Tips in Cleaning your Laptop

Yesterday I created an article on how dust affects the performance of your PC. Like any ordinary PC, dust also affects the performance of laptops however cleaning a laptop is not  easy compared to regular desktop. It requires a little bit of disassembling skills and following a lot of safety precautions because laptops are more complex unlike desktop computers. Here ... Read More »

Dust Can Slow Down Your PC

Do you know that dusts are also one of the causes of PC slowdowns?. Dust can also cause more damage than just slowing down your PC. Dust can cause overheating of the electric components of your PC. When there is too much dust inside your PC, the components gets too hot easily that can lead to burn components or your ... Read More »