Windows Vista

How to Disable Autoplay of USB Drives and CD’s

If you find Windows Autoplay window that always popups and ask you what to do when you insert a USB device or insert a CD or DVD very annoying. Here is a way to simply turn it off. Open your Group Policy window to configure the “Turn off Autoplay” function of your system. To do this Click on start –> ... Read More »

How to add Vista Home Directory to the Desktop

The Home directory is one  of the new changes in Windows Vista. Every user has it’s own home directory and are accessible. In XP and 2000, you had a hidden home directory that you weren’t meant to muck around in. New features like the “Downloads Directory” can only be access through your home directory, so it make sense for you ... Read More »

How to Speed up Vista by Limiting Visual Effects

Slow Vista performance is the number one problem of most the Vista users especially those computer users that has a machine with 1gb or less of ram. Last October I wrote an article on how you can effectively increase your Vista performance and I wrote there that the number one tweak for your Vista is to add more ram but ... Read More »

Ten XP features that are cut down in Vista

If you are looking for some XP features that you can’t find in Vista well they are not totally gone they are just superseded by a newer feature. Here are the XP Items that are deprecated in Vista: Run Box / Command – It is now incorporated with Start Search,. Documents and Settings – Now changed to C:\users. Standby – ... Read More »

How to Rename Multiple Files at Once

This trick will enable you to rename a series of similar files all at once. This is very useful if you have lots of files especially pictures from a digital camera that has unrecognizable names. Follow this simple procedure to rename several similar files at once without using a special renaming software. Open the folder containing files that you want ... Read More »

Easily Resize your Vista Icons

This is a very easy and simple way to resize your Vista Icons. You can use this trick to make your icons very small or very very huge. This works on any folder. We will first try this trick on your desktop icons. Here’s the step: Right Click anywhere on your desktop press CTRL + Scroll (down or up). try ... Read More »

How to remove Windows Vista shortcut arrow

Default Icon Shortcut Arrow removed If you are a Windows Vista user I guess you already noticed the huge shortcut arrow on your desktop shortcuts. If you don’t like to see those huge arrows you can download this small Vista Shortcut Icon remover utility from frameworkx. Download Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover 2.0 Read More »