Windows XP

How to Disable Autoplay of USB Drives and CD’s

If you find Windows Autoplay window that always popups and ask you what to do when you insert a USB device or insert a CD or DVD very annoying. Here is a way to simply turn it off. Open your Group Policy window to configure the “Turn off Autoplay” function of your system. To do this Click on start –> ... Read More »

Ten XP features that are cut down in Vista

If you are looking for some XP features that you can’t find in Vista well they are not totally gone they are just superseded by a newer feature. Here are the XP Items that are deprecated in Vista: Run Box / Command – It is now incorporated with Start Search,. Documents and Settings – Now changed to C:\users. Standby – ... Read More »

How to Rename Multiple Files at Once

This trick will enable you to rename a series of similar files all at once. This is very useful if you have lots of files especially pictures from a digital camera that has unrecognizable names. Follow this simple procedure to rename several similar files at once without using a special renaming software. Open the folder containing files that you want ... Read More »

Backup solution – How to change the location of My Documents folder

Take it from me loosing your important files such as your saved documents, pictures, and other data could be the worst thing that could happen to your computer life. Way back in college I experienced loosing all my saved documents that includes my projects that has to be passed two days after the tragedy, I don’t have a backup so ... Read More »

What is Hiberfil.sys? – Removing hiberfil.sys

If you are a Windows XP user, then more likely you already experienced this, if not… then at least you know what to do. Its like one day, while searching a file or cleaning the hard disk, you will find a huge file, approximately 250 MB to over 1GB and  you don’t know who on earth save that to your ... Read More »

How to Defrag Multiple Hard Drives at once in Windows XP

Defragging your computer is one of the way’s to optimize the performance of your computer but it will consume a lot of time and very inconvenient if you are going to defrag two or three hard drives at once. Windows XP has a Disk Defragment utility but unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to defrag multiple disk at the same time. ... Read More »

Take Advantage of your Windows Shortcuts

Do you always use your mouse to launch a favorite program or accessing other programs functions? are you tired of doing it all the time? With the help of your keyboard, you can reduce a series of mouse clicks to a single keyboard shortcut, and – if you own a Microsoft keyboard – you’ll also be able to browse the ... Read More »

How to disable PC speaker beeping on errors

Do you get annoyed by the beeps and noises that comes from your PC speaker when your PC encounters an error but can’t find a way to turn it off?, then here are the easy steps to disable it. first step, Open your registry and find the key below. second step, Create a new string value, or modify the existing ... Read More »

How to Remove and Add Right-Click Menu Items from Files and Folders

Do you sometimes wonder how you can be able to remove or even add a item on right click menu? well… this is your lucky day you will be able to do that by following my simple guide below without breaking a sweat. Like I always said BACKUP your registry first before you do anything on your registry.

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