Chat Room and Forum Trolls: What Can Owners Do?

Trolling is an internet phenomenon that has become increasingly widespread as social networking sites, forums and chat rooms have become more popular. A troll is an individual who repeatedly posts derogatory comments to or about another person online, with the intention of provoking a reaction. They post anonymously to avoid being held responsible for their hurtful actions. For those being ... Read More »

Various Corporate Internet Security Concerns

Large businesses and companies normally have a dedicated IT department which takes care of the security issues concerning their employee’s Internet use. Most security and network engineers make use of antivirus software and attachment filters on the email servers of the company to find any irregularities. The problem however is that, every time such safety measures are employed and are ... Read More »

Issues with Cloud Computing and Online Security

Like a thief in the night, cloud computing has crept in and changed the way we interact as human beings. Ok, maybe “a thief in the night” is a bit dramatic… But in just a few short years, most of what we do online relies on cloud computing in some form. From Youtube to social networking, web-based email and map ... Read More »

How Computer Virus Spreads Like Crazy

The most common ways that viruses spread are through email attachments, boot infections and program infectors. But aside from the given, there are some more ways by which viruses spread. Computer Virus through disks USB, Zip, CD’s, tapes, etc. are the usual sources of virus spread from one computer to another. When you use disks to copy files from an ... Read More »

What You Need To Know About Keylogger

What is Keylogger? Just like in any other things, to be able to detect things and to know how to prevent it, you must be aware of how it works. Keylogger is a software program that tracks your online act and keyboard stroke. This software is used by thieves in accessing your accounts. How does keylogger works? You wont even ... Read More »

Tips on How You Can Avoid Virus Infections

I guess you know that computer viruses are everywhere. This guide will help you and your computer avoid being infected by viruses. There are many ways to help you prevent being infected by viruses having a good and an updated anti-virus will not always save you but it is one of the best way to prevent it. Types of viruses ... Read More »

What are Rootkits?

Simple explanation on Rootkits Rootkits are software that enable administrator-level access to a computer or computer network while while actively hiding it’s presence from administrators and software protections. Rootkits originally came from UNIX computers but in the last few years they have evolved and invaded Windows computers. The term “rootkit” comes from the fact the a programs gains administrative privileges ... Read More »

What Are The Roles Of Parents To Their Children Using Internet?

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Keep your children away from any Internet harm We are living in the era of high technology, where knowledge is weapon. Internet is an important aspect of technology since it is an information tool that provides people the information they need when they need it. Internet is also a communication tool that allows people to communicate easily and conveniently. Because ... Read More »

How to Check your Websites for Malwares Online

Own a website? Are you sure that your website is safe and free from any malware? Malware can cause computers that access your website to become infected with malware and can cause your website to be blocked from visitors. This can cause a significant drop in traffic on your website and hurt your website’s reputation. Here are some online security ... Read More »

500 Worst Passwords

I was exploring some cool, funny and interesting pictures on the web, when I stumbled on this “500 worst password” image on Flickr. After reading the list of passwords It made me think because although this is hilarious it is also a serious matter. Some  internet users today usually use some of the passwords that are listed on the image. ... Read More »