Hacking Email and Countermeasures

How to hack a Yahoo account? this is the most frequent question asked by many people in chat rooms and forums. You are reading this because most probably you are interested on hacking Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any password other password. Here are two easy way of hacking email accounts. Ways to easily hack an Email: Using a keylogger There ... Read More »

How to recover your Hacked Yahoo! Account

January 1, 2009 almost became one of the worst day of my life because my 6 years old Yahoo! account got hacked, All my valuable personal mails, some important files, pictures, membership access, and lots of contacts are in my Yahoo account. The hacker even changed my zip code and deleted and changed my alternate emails so I will not ... Read More »

This can save your life! (ICE)

This is a mail I received yesterday, I also thought that this will be a good idea and will be very useful for emergency use. To help spread this life saving idea I forwarded this mail to my friends and relatives and post this on pctechnotes. We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory. ... Read More »

Be vigilant and a little paranoid – How to avoid keyloggers

Sometimes¬† protecting yourself is much more easier in real life than computer life. In the real world you just have to double or triple lock your house doors and windows to prevent any unauthorized persons from entering your home and steal all your valuables. With computers, it’s another story. Malicious programs has an ability to enter your system without your ... Read More »

Email – The common route for viruses and frauds

In this modern world e-mail has become an important mode of communication. However, email has also become the most common route for viruses, spywares and frauds. It is necessary for all of us to protect ourselves from those kind of threats.

Viruses and other malicous programs

Viruses usually comes in a form of email attachments so be very careful when opening any attachment especially from an unknown sender. or it might be a good idea to ignore and just delete the attachment if you are unsure of it's content. Some viruses infiltrate and spread their infection through your address book and also send infected e-mail to everyone listed so always be careful opening mail attachments even from a known source. The best thing you should do is to communicate to the sender of the attachment.

Protect yourselves by using a virus protection that automatically scans email attachments as it arrives at your computer. It is very essential for every computers connected to the internet to have a strong and updated protection.

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Have you learned your lesson? – The most dangerous online activities

Most computer users have no idea how dangerous their online activity is but no matter how many times you educate and warn them they still manage to poison their computers with new spywares, malware and other malicious programs because they still didn’t learned their lesson. or just don’t have an idea on how the dangerous the internet could be. Most ... Read More »

The Dangers of Instant Messaging

Almost everyone of us knows that technology made it to the point wherein its available for all. From a simple student up to the CEO of a well known company, both experienced the wonders of technology But just like any other thing, when there is good, there is bad. So when things seems to be so good, then expect the worse from it... Believe it or not, even the popular instant messaging services are now also vulnerable to any viruses, scammers and other attacks.

Since almost all of us has access to the internet, then be ready to have all sort of different viruses be your guest whether in your office or your home now that the popular form of communication is being used by virus writers to spread electronic worms and viruses.

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Protecting your account – Choosing the best Password

The Internet has really come a long way and it changed the ways things are done. Transactions such as payments for purchases, banking, transferring of files and other documents, and checking for messages¬† are done online. As the internet technology advances so are the number of thieves adopting to the newest technology and developing their techniques to crack down sensitive ... Read More »

How to deal with those annoying Chain Mails

As a computer and internet users, I bet all of us here are aware of chain mails that is usually receive through emails and account such as Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. Email undoubtedly become an indispensable medium of communication here and around the world. And turn out to be the most effective communication in internet. I come across some emails ... Read More »

The Consequences of the improving technology

I think I have read about a hundreds of article of how technology improves our lives. But this time, i want to tackle about the consequences of the improving technology. From basketball court to NBA computer games, from snail mail to e-mail, from community organizations to chat room, from conference meeting to internet chat conference... No doubts that technology is taking over our lives and activities. Simplifying life in an advance method. These ongoing advances in the technological field have greatly improved our lives. No doubt about it. But the major drawback regarding this art is that it changes some people for the worse. ( Take note of my word some ) Some people misuse technology by letting it take control of them, using it to control others, and harming and interfering with nature itself. I'm talking about the hackers here... and those who invented the so called viruses. Too much of a good thing can turn out to be detrimental.

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