Choosing the Right Core i3 Laptop

Have you made up your mind into getting a Core i3 laptop? Well then congratulations on your choice. The Core i3 is actually one of the best processors to have for a laptop notebook and it is the entry level processor in the latest family in the Intel lineup, the other two being the mid Core i5 and the high end core i7 processors. With the correct hardware setup you can smoothly do video editing, watch HD videos and even play bleeding edge graphics games. Like all other devices, a Core i3 laptop made by one manufacturer is different from the other. In order for you to choose the best one here are some suggestions to consider.

You might have a Core i3 processor but then there are different kinds of Core i3. Based on the laptop processor comparison, it can said that Core i3 variants are not all created equal. If you need more processing power then choose a Core i3 laptop that has the i3-380M or the i3370M model processor.

The greater the amount of RAM the better your laptop will perform. The common memory included in a Core i3 laptop today is 2 GB DDR3. Try to see if it can be upgraded to 4 GB or even 8 GB. The more memory your laptop has the smoother your applications will run and the quicker it is for you to multi-task between the different open applications.

Graphics Adapter
Your laptop graphics adapter is responsible for generating the output display on your screen. The powerful your graphics adapter the more flawlessly it can output images. HD videos can be played back without any freezing, modern PC games can be played at a higher frame rate. You might find laptops with Intel GMA HD graphics adapter. Although this is adequate for regular PC users it can’t quite cut it out for gamers. Choose a discrete graphics adapter made by Nvidia or ATI Radeon.