Choosing the right Internet Service Provider

When choosing a ISP (Internet Service Provider) whether it is for personal or business it is always important to take time in conducting a study on various providers of Internet. There are lots of different Internet Service provider that offers different technology, rates and services. You can choose from a DSL, Cable or Wireless.

When choosing between Digital Subscriber Line, Wireless or Cable, consider all the factors involved in the decision. Before we proceed with the tips let me first explain those services that I mention.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)–  An Internet access service typically offered by telephone companies. Uses the same physical wire as your existing telephone, yet allows you to browse the Web and make a phone call at the same time. Speeds vary, from a low of 128kbps to 5mbps. The most popular here in the Philippines are PLDT MyDSL and Globe. But base on my experience and other clients experience PLDT provides the best DSL service.

Cable – This service is typically offered by cable TV companies. It uses the same physical wire as your existing cable TV, yet allows you to browse the Web and watch TV at the same time.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) – Unlike Cable and DSL this doesn’t need a physical wire to provide internet connection. It uses a canopy to provide service. The most popular here in the Philippines is SmartBro. Smartbro can supply a speed ranging from 128kbps to 384kbps but Globe Wireless can now provide a speed up to 1.8mbps (This will depend on your location).

Which is better? well… here some factors to consider to help you choose the right service for you.

  • Availability – This is the first thing you should consider because not all services are available on all locations specially the Wi-Fi service your location must be on the hotspot before you can avail their service. Cable are also limited specially on rural places.
  • Speed/Performance – Though cable can be a great deal quicker than Digital Subscriber Line, there are examples when cable doesn’t in reality give you what it claims to. The downside is that people in the neighborhood who use the same service simultaneously time may draw on your service and slow the speed of the cable connection. DSL offers a “guaranteed” bandwidth. Wi-Fi is only recommended for personal use because of limited speed.
  • Security Levels – Regarding security, security systems are set up for both the Digital Subscriber Line and cable networks. But many individuals have genuine fears about the security of their system while using cable.
  • Price – The most affordable one is WiFi you can get an unlimited connection for only PhP 999 ($20) a month. But Wi-Fi connection is not recommended if your going to use it for business purposes because of speed limitation and stability. DSL and Cable are has almost the same in pricing but for business it is much better to choose DSL so you can  bundle it with your phone connection. PLDT MyDSL has a package plan of Php 999 bundled with phone unlimited plan with a speed of 1.0mbps.
  • Support Services – One of the top priorities when choosing a Internet Service Provider is their ability to offer the best customer service and technical support. What is the use of giving your money to a service that won’t let you log on to the Internet due to some type of technical problem and you can’t get in touch with anybody to get the trouble solved. Your first thought is running your business enterprise, and without online access you merely can not be as effective.

If you want to run an online business enterprise from your home, it is vital that you select a service that will not compromise the privacy of the information your customers give you. You do not want this data to be available to anyone in order to prevent any fraudulent uses.

Start your comparison of Digital Subscriber Line, Cable and Wireless service providers by asking friends, family, and neighbors what they do or do not like about the provider they use. By taking this precaution, you will be able to evaluate the service first hand, and you will know whether or not it will meet the specific needs that you have.

Internet Service Provider comparison shopping will help to you ensure that you get the best value for your money. It’s easy to find the right service for your business concern if you simply keep these pointers in mind.