Computer File Recovery FAQ’s

data-recoveryQ: What is computer file recovery?

A: It is also known as data recovery. Data recovery is the process of  retrieving data from any corrupted, failed, or damaged storage media, CDs, DVDs and other devices.

Q: What can I do to prevent losing my data again?

A: Backup… backup of the only way you can secure your important data. you can back up your data into a separate hard drive, to a CD or DVD or to any external drive as much as possible. This will help you secure your precious documents, pictures and other information. 

Q: Can I recover data from a crashed computer?

A: You can use a third party software for retrieving your data Or, you can remove the hard drive from your crashed computer and get an adapter and connect it to your new computer as a external drive.

Q: My computer failed due to a power outage. I can’t find the recent document I was working on. What can I do?

A: This is what we a called logical damage. Unfortunately you may have to repeat your work. Defragging will help you prevent this from happening again  this will help your computer to keep from defragmenting information you have not saved during a power outage. Free Defragging Software.